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James gives his good friend Chris Brogan a call today to talk about the real value of doing a podcast.

James asks Chris... Is podcasting worth the time and effort?

Chris says "no... and yes." There's no real money in it, but the other benefits are worth every second you put into it.

Podcasting helps you with all your other media by broadening your "umbrella." You can take your podcast and create a blog post or a newsletter article and you can tweet about it and post it on Facebook.

Plus, as both James and Chris say, their biggest benefit is getting to talk to people they would never get a chance to without the podcast

Listen to Chris and James talk about the real value of starting a podcast.

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Claudia loves this quote and James hates it.

Today they debate this famous quote by Eleanor Roosevelt and what it means to each of them.

In the broadest sense of the word, this quote can seem a little ridiculous, but as they talk about it – and rephrase it just a little – it now makes sense.

Listen to how James and Claudia work through their differences of opinion.


David Newman


PS. James says there are 7 huge trends will shape America. Understanding these trends before anyone else gives you a huge advantage in work, like, and investing.  Click here to learn more about James’s great ideas.

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Are you a great negotiator? Most people think they are. But the reality is most people are terrible negotiators.

James says first, the better negotiator will have a big list. The list needs to be big enough so you can give away some of the items from this list that are really not that important.

Schedule your meeting for 4:00 pm. This is the Carl Icahn method, and James explains how you can make it work in your favor.


Listen here as James has a few more great negotiating tricks ideas to share with you.

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Can you really travel the world if you don’t have a bunch of money? 

The simple answer is yes…

Today James and Claudia call their new friend Matt Kepnes who just wrote the new book How to Travel the World on $50 a Day 

He shares with us many of the secrets he’s learned over his many years of travel. Such as a way you can stay with people with in countries around the world for free called couch surfing

Or a car sharing website that puts you in touch with people driving between cities and is looking for someone to share the cost of gas. 

For all these tricks and a bunch more just listen here. 

If you want to ask James a question just go to…

Ask a question at

E-mail it to


Or, text James at 203-512-2161.


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Claudia talks with James about three major causes of back pain.


1.Back pain associated with genetics or an accident.


2.Sitting. We sit all day and it's not natural position for our spine. We slouch, our head goes forward, backwards or to the side and so we add neck pain to our back pain.


3.Psychological back pain caused by money problems.


Stand up, walk around, stretch back, breathe, and choose yourself.

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James and Claudia are relaxing in sunny San Diego today and decided to take the show outside to enjoy the weather and recharge.


If you've listened to James for a while now, you'll know that one of his keys is to keep healthy. He's practicing what he preaches.


Today's question is about being alone.


Yes, it's not an easy place to be, but no matter how bad it seems, there's hope. See if you can figure out how to help other people. Go volunteer, give ideas to others, become a go-giver.


Helping others will help you up off the floor.

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