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Yesterday we covered how to give constructive criticism... today James and Claudia go through the difference between constructive and destructive criticism.

In anything that you do, being open to suggestions is an important part in improving yourself.

But are you able to interpret whether or not the suggestions are meant to be helpful or just plain negative?

The most important thing to keep in mind when listening to others is to determine if they are offering anything of value.

Claudia and James not only talk about several aspects of criticism that you need to pay attention to but they also reveal how they overcame their own constructively criticisms against each other while co-writing The Power of No.

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Often, when people think that they are giving constructive criticism, they are actually being destructive and unhelpful.

Whether you are trying to give suggestions or someone else is criticizing your work, there is a right and wrong way to approach the situation...

Today, James and Aaron discuss several personal examples where they have been on both sides of criticism.

Whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, here you will gain the skills to approach any similar situation with confidence.

Plus, learn some quick tips on how to actually give constructive criticism.

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Every day, questions come in to James about how to get better at writing.

So today, James talks about several habits that he has adopted that have increased his creativity.

Knowing James though, you know that his tips are always going to be out of the box.

According to James, 90% of writing isn't even writing at all.

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Has your reputation ever been attacked? Have you ever felt like the victim of gossip?

James knows first-hand how much negative attention can affect your life and ruin others' perception of you.

So how do you restore your self-image after it gets tainted? Or better yet, how can you protect your self-image to ensure it does not get damaged?

Today, you will learn several techniques that James has found to be highly effective when dealing with negativity generated from "haters."

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At some point, we have all been asked to do some things that we really don't want to do...

But how do you deal with the requests and demands of others, when they cut into your personal time?

Today, James and Aaron talk about how to make the most of your time when asked to participate in activities that you are not exactly thrilled about.

Aaron has friend's destination wedding quickly approaching and shares his plan for how to make the best of the situation.

Not everyone has the time and money available to travel and celebrate. Find out how Aaron has been able to sort out his schedule to accommodate his friend's needs as well as his own.

What started as an obligation has now become the trip of a lifetime...

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James has made money, lost money, found love, been divorced, and been involved with many entrepreneurial endeavors.

Through all of his experiences, what he describes as his most difficult time in the past might surprise you...

What is even more interesting is that what he has most difficulty with is ongoing and probably will never end.

Maybe you have the same troubles as James and you don't even know it.

Today could be a breakthrough for so many aspects of your life and it all comes from the power and ability of saying "no."

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John Lee Dumas joins Ask Altucher for Part II of our interview from yesterday's show.

In Part I of this interview, James and John talked about their success and how they got to where they are today.

For Part II, listeners get to hear the real secret to John's business.

Just last month alone he was able to make $282,000...

How is he able to give away so much value for free and still able to convert listeners into buyers?

You'll get all the details... one idea just leads to another, and it becomes a snowball effect for extreme success.

If you are looking for a money-making strategy, look no further...

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For the first time ever... James and Aaron have a special guest join an Ask Altucher segment.

John Lee Dumas, founder and host of Entrepreneur On Fire, joins the show to talk about his idea generation process.

Just like James, John has found the means to go around the gate-keepers of an industry and launch a business that is inspired by his true passions.

Today, you get to hear the banter between two brilliant entrepreneurs on how they found success and what steps they took to get where they are today.

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Diet pills, cosmetic surgery, Botox... people are constantly looking for secrets to make them look younger.

It's no wonder that so many individuals are obsessed with finding the fountain of youth because that is exactly what our society idolizes... "youthful beauty."

But people often forget about all of the wonderful experiences that come with age.

Today, James and his wife Claudia talk about several reasons why they find more happiness and confidence in their older years.

It's time to stop fighting the inevitable and embrace a future where you can choose yourself for the "real you."

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Alcohol abuse, stress, lack of sleep... there are many different ways that we cause harm to our bodies.

But how do you know when it is time to step in and choose yourself?

Today, James and his wife, Claudia, talk about several unhealthy habits and several ways to avoid or stop them all together.

If you are ready to remove bad habits and choose a healthier lifestyle, then today could be your starting point.

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The specialty store Crumbs Cupcakes recently disappeared altogether as a chain. With loyal customers upset, a listener is wondering what caused the popular business to shut down.

Today, James and his wife, and temporary co-host, Claudia, talk about different restaurant and store chains that could also be at risk of losing business because they focus on a specialty item.

Should you be thinking twice about investing in some of these places?

James and Claudia also go over a brand new technique that people can use to decide whether they want to invest in a company.

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Many people are starting to wonder which country is going to be the leader in the Bitcoin revolution.

Today, James and his wife, Claudia, talk about the differences between their two home countries.

Unlike James who was born in the U.S. where there are many opportunities for wealth and success, Claudia was born in Argentina where the government is corrupt and there aren't many jobs available.

She describes Argentina as a true "choose yourself" country, where the people have to worry about where their next meal is coming from. You either work hard... or you don't survive.

Find out why James says Bitcoin is on its way to being the currency of choice in Argentina...

Could this be where Bitcoin first erupts into a country's economy?

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James is always reading and usually it's more than one book at a time. His reading lists always prove to be something that interests our listeners so it's no surprise that today's question is, "What is James currently reading?"

We hope that you have a pen and paper in hand because it's a long list today from both James and Aaron.

And do you know which one of James' books is his absolute favorite?

Today he reveals which one he re-reads over and over again.

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There are many critical thinking games that both children and adults can benefit from.

Today's question comes from a listener who wants to know what the benefits are of playing chess...

If you know anything about James, then you know how much he loves playing chess. Not only is it a leisurely activity that he enjoys, but it also serves as an excellent way to exercise his idea muscle.

Today, James shares several ways that chess has completely changed his life including landing him a job even though after completely ruining the interview.

It's a great way to build discipline, character, self-control, and critical thinking skills... all of which will help you choose yourself.

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Have you ever felt self-conscious about the way you look? Has your lack of confidence ever affected your relationships?

James grew up with a self-image that didn't help his social life, but over time, he has developed confidence and a higher sense of self-esteem that has completely changed his life.

Today, you'll hear several ways to boost your confidence and feel attractive in any situation.

We grew up hearing "beauty comes from the inside"... Find out how James' daily practice proves this to be 100% true.

If you feel good about yourself, then that is exactly how others will perceive you.

Focus on living every day with a smile and you will quickly see how others will be drawn to you.

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Today's question comes from a listener who wants to know what to say to a friend that is having trouble funding a business plan.

James knows first-hand how difficult this can be...

He has started more than 20 companies, each with unique funding methods. You'll be surprised to hear what happened to the companies that were funded through venture capitalists.

James goes beyond just advice and talks about several ways entrepreneurs can find funding to support their businesses.

He explains exactly what your main focus should be and that once you have it established, you will see that funding can actually come very easily.

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Do you feel like you have wasted years of your life in a career that you are no longer interested in pursuing?

Are you just graduating college and unhappy with the field that you feel you have to go into?

James has repeatedly said college is a complete waste of time. In fact, he has a free report called the "50 Alternatives to College," all about what you can do besides go to college.

Today, he shares several ways that you can apply your degree toward doing something that you'll love.

If you went to school to be a doctor, that doesn't mean you are obligated to follow that career path. There are many other options that you can consider.

You are not stuck... there are opportunities out there. And today's podcast is where you will see the door open to new possibilities.

Tomorrow is never guaranteed, you should be making these changes today.

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A couple of months ago, James and Aaron answered a listener's question about how to get unstuck in their current situation.

Since then, we have got continuous e-mails from listeners writing in with questions for more information on this topic.

So today, we decided to do a Part II to the segment.

Have you found yourself feeling trapped in a relationship, job, emotional slump, or just sick of a daily routine that never changes?

Today, James and Aaron talk about how the simple task of saying no to activities and duties that you don't want to participate in can dramatically change your life.

You'll hear how the "daily practice," becoming physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healthy, and the power of no can provide you with a completely new outlook on the world.

With every obstacle, there is an opportunity. It's your choice to make it constructive to your wellbeing.

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Although it may not seem obvious, every industry is the same when it comes to creating opportunities.

Today's question comes from a listener who wants to break into the film industry, but wants to hear James' advice on how he should do it.

Although James isn't a movie star, he lists some simple techniques that will help anyone break into any industry...

James explains that there are many ways to get noticed, and that you already have access to the technology to do so.

If you are not taking action with your own life, who will?

Today you will learn how to use books as mentors, market yourself, and find your own success.

It's time to go around the gatekeepers and make your dreams a reality.

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You are most creative during your childhood years.

Our teenage years are when we want to be normal and fit in with our peers so we stop trying to be unique and creative... As adults we lose the talent of imagination and the creating of "what if" situations.

What we should be doing is looking to our children for inspiration.

James says "I'd rather be creative like my nine-year-old than teach them; there's nothing I can teach them. They're already creative at that age."

This is the show where you'll find yourself asking, "What could I be learning from children and how can I apply that to choosing myself?"

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James and Aaron talk about the importance of effective communication – it can help you with almost any situation.

You might think that you already know the basics, but most people forget these simple tactics that could make or break an interaction.

Here you will learn the true importance of the following:

•    Removing a skill

•    Enthusiasm

•    Body language

•    Positioning

•    Humility

•    Comedy

If you keep these few techniques in mind, you are on your way to improving your public speaking, interviewing skills, interpersonal relationships, and so much more...

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