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Normally James does not like to talk about stocks and investments... But today we have a special treat for listeners.

There are certain investments that reflect important demographic trends and will help you make money in a variety of areas.

Find out which five investments James says he is most excited about.

Plus, Claudia gives us her favorite chicken recipe...

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A show that talks about confidence, dating advice, relationship advice, and emotional intelligence...

Sound interesting?

Well today's guest hosts a show that does just that...

Jordan Harbinger, host of The Art of Charm podcast, joins today's Ask Altucher segment to talk about how he has personally used charm to help him on a daily basis and even get him out of life-threatening scenarios such as kidnapping.

In fact... believe it or not, but Jordan has escaped being kidnapped TWICE!

You'll hear the concepts and tools that Jordan has developed into the "art of charm" and how it has literally saved his life.

The ideas he presents are so simple and yet game-changing techniques...

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Do you enjoy writing or have an interest in learning how to write?

Would you enjoy working from home or anywhere in the world?

If you have the ability to create material that influences the way people think or act, then a career in writing could be the answer.

Today, James and Claudia talk about how you can literally sell anything if you can master copywriting.

If you are interested in learning the skills to succeed in one of the most lucrative professions, then look no further...

Plus, find out what is on James' idea list for this week.

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How do you use the media? Do you follow certain news broadcasts, newspapers, subscriptions, or Internet sources?

There are unlimited ways to get the news today and we are constantly being bombarded with what the Media considers to be the most important stories.

But there is more to the media than just the news and celebrity gossip. Today, Claudia asks James to comment on what Media he uses and for what purposes.

If you know James then you know that he does not believe in reading the news.

Here you will learn what media outlets he finds most essential...

When James prepares for his shows, interviews, presentations, or any interaction, there is one type of source that no other can compare to.

Plus... find out what is on James' reading list for this week.

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We all have our own ways of dealing with stress, challenges, and other kinds of life's dilemmas.

Have you ever considered using self-help books? Or wanted to attend seminars from self-proclaimed gurus?

Today, James and Claudia talk about their thoughts on the self-help industry.

Find out why James says that self-help books are simply placebos and do not heal or confront the real route of any problem.

You'll hear James and Claudia share several ways that you can help yourself with simple daily activities and exercises.

Plus, you won't want to miss out on Part II of today's segment...

Want to find out what "life hacks" James uses?

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We're exposed to marketing and branding every day. In fact, there are even circumstances where we need to market ourselves, whether it is for a job, a relationship, an idea, etc.

But are you marketing effectively?

Today, James and Claudia talk about the importance of promoting yourself and the different exercises that will help you master the process.

Do you have the skills it takes to promote a vision?

Here you get the necessary tools and concepts for self-advertising and executing any idea.

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What advice do he has for children? What do you do to encourage them to be creative and to have a live where they Choose Themselves. 

You can't just tell your kids to do something and expect them to do it. You have to show them. You have to lead by example. 

You have to be honest, authentic, fair but firm. 

You can try challenging your kids. Find those things that interest them and give them some tools to push these to the next level. 

Think of ways to do it when you're together, just hanging out. Make a game out of it. 


James gives us a few examples.

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Claudia is about to jump into Ask Altucher and forgets the question. It’s too funny. How often have we all done this? I know I do it almost daily. 

Anyway…Lindsay emailed us a great question. “I want to change, but I don’t know what my passion is?”

James jumps right in, questioning whether or not passion alone is enough to be successful. 

He suggests that you should rite down what interests you—no limits just start writing. The next step is to start combining these ideas and see what happens.

Don’t be disappointed if you try one or two things that fail. The technique is to try 10 or 20. 

Just keep trying.


And in today’s Second Segment, James gives us some writing tips. He discusses how to utilize “the cliffhanger”.

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James interrupts Claudia from her daily yoga routine to bring you today's Ask Altucher question.

On our sister show, The James Altucher Show, James interviewed Peter Thiel. It was one of James' best interviews, and if you've not listened to it yet, click here. 

Claudia asks James, "What's the one thing that Peter said that caused the biggest impression on you, the ONE thing" 

If you're going to start a business, something really new and innovative, then be 10 times better than your competitor.

James takes this idea and expands it into everything you should do in your daily life.

20% better is not enough; you have to blow away the completion... 

And in today's second segment, James tells us what makes for a great interview. You can learn a lot by practicing some of these techniques in whatever you do.

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Today James and Claudia host expert book promoter Michael Drew.

While James is a huge proponent of self-publishing he wanted Michael to explain to you the other side of the story. 

According to Michael, self published books, right or wrong will never make The New York Times bestselling book list.

With an impressive track record, which he says includes “80 books out of 80 books onto national bestseller lists”, Michael Drew is THE authority on how to turn your book into a bestseller. 

He knows all the tricks and while you may not think they’re fair, they are what they are. 

“Creating a best seller is 90% knowledge, secrets and timing, and only about 10% great book. The crazy thing…very few people in the publishing industry understand that.”


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The notion of a 9 to 5 carrying us into the safety of retirement is dead.

But how can you quit the grind. How can you plan for your future?

Today, James and Claudia talk about the steps you may need to put in place before you make the jump.

You may have to work multiple jobs before you can feel secure enough to quit. That's OK, but you need to make sure you're healthy enough to work this hard. 

Plus, James gives a good rule of thumb as to when it's time to finally Choose Yourself.

And in our new segment, James and Claudia discuss an idea that James has been thinking about. It's there for one of you to take and run with.

Something New – Our Listener Location MAP

We asked you to tell us where you are and what you're doing when you listen to Ask Altucher.

Your responses have been amazing... 

You're listening in North and South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia. You listen while driving, hiking, biking, and walking. We help you get through those daily chores like cooking dinner, cleaning the house, and mowing your lawn.

But this is just the beginning... 

We have huge plans to take this to another level. Stay tuned; we're hard at work right now getting it ready.

So keep sending us your notes. We'll post them weekly to our map, and we'll be announcing something new and exciting soon.

Click here to see the map. 

And let's see if we can fill it up.

If you have a question that you would like to ask James, you can either:


·       Ask a question at


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James has been known to give away his possessions to friends and acquaintances.

Although they may be special objects to James, he seems to find others whom he feels would get more use or enjoyment out of them.

Today, James and Claudia talk about different things that he has given away and why he finds freedom from the process.

Plus, they introduce a new segment to Ask Altucher on business advice. And more specifically, they discuss a business idea that could help reduce student loans.

Something New – Our Listener Location MAP

We asked you to tell us where you are and what you're doing when you listen to Ask Altucher.

Your responses have been amazing...

You're listening in North and South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia. You listen while driving, hiking, biking, and walking. We help you get through those daily chores like cooking dinner, cleaning the house, and mowing your lawn. 

But this is just the beginning... 

We have huge plans to take this to another level. Stay tuned, we're hard at work right now getting it ready.

So keep sending us your notes, we'll post them weekly to our map, and we'll be announcing something new and exciting soon. 

Click here to see the map 

And let's see if we can fill it up. 

If you have a question that you would like to ask James, you can either:


Ask a question at

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Choose Yourself is one of James' most successful books... but is the idea of choosing yourself actually a selfish concept?

Today, James and Claudia discuss an email that was sent in from a listener who is concerned that by choosing herself she will be considered selfish.

The problem is, if you aren't able to take care of your own well-being, you can't expect to care for or help anyone else.

It may seem selfish on the surface, but choosing yourself is probably the most unselfish thing you can do.

Here you will learn that when you start each day with James' daily practices you are not only creating positive energy for yourself but you are also making yourself available to others.


Also, on today's second segment, James turns the table and asks Claudia a question about an area that she is an expert in.

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Do you make lists to manage your time?

Do you feel that you are usually disappointed when you are not able to cross off each item?

Today, James and Claudia talk about their thoughts on "To-Do" lists. Something that James considers more efficient is to actually make an "I did" list instead.

Could this be a new strategy that will improve your productivity with daily activities?

When you make a list of things to do you are really only procrastinating. To delay may mean to forget...

Here you will learn how to avoid disappointment and increase daily accomplishments.


And if you're up for it... James challenges listeners to create an "I did" list for the next 45 days.

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Episode 100! Before we get into the description of the show, we just wanted to thank all the listeners of Ask Altucher for getting us this far.

Now onto the description...

Have you ever had to start over in life? Start completely from scratch? No money... no job?

Today, James and Claudia share the story of a listener who feels completely overwhelmed and discouraged from starting over.

James knows first-hand what it's like to lose a job, money, family, and to live in fear.

Every day is a clean slate to start a new and better life.

If you start with James' daily practice and "choose yourself"... there are endless possibilities that you can achieve.

Here you will gain the knowledge and skills that can empower you to stop living in fear and move forward with confidence in starting over.

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After reading Choose Yourself, a listener sent us an email about the success he has found while following James' daily practice and pursuing his passion.

Just four months into the process, he has drastically changed his way of thinking and his quality of life.

Today, James and Aaron share the encouraging story that demonstrates if you "choose yourself" and work with your ideas, you can succeed at almost anything. And in this particular case, you can literally sell anything.

Plus, find out what books are currently on James' reading list.

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Have you ever known two people that you felt would make a great connection?

If so, introducing them would not only be beneficial for them, but might pay off for you in the long run, too.

Whether your intentions are business or social arrangements, something to keep in mind is that there is a difference between "permission networking" and "introducing people."

And today, James and Aaron go through the proper ways to network with certain acquaintances.

Here, you will gain the skills and knowledge that will help you in any social setting that involves introductions.

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When you get hired for any job, you go through the process of negotiating a salary, the start date, and many other factors…

What people don't realize though, is that negotiating can be a powerful aspect of being fired as well.

Getting fired can be incredibly scary and stressful, but there are some tips and tricks that you should keep in mind.

Today, James and Claudia discuss the power of negotiating and how you can apply the skill for when you are fired from a job.

Here you'll get the skills and concepts necessary for starting over and how to make the process less stressful.

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We should all enter into a marriage knowing that it will not be perfect... because there is no such thing as a perfect marriage.

But if things are not working out, when is the right time to end a marriage?

Click here to find out.

Maybe you are worried about the shame of failure or about your children.

Today, James and Claudia talk about several reasons why a person should not stay in an unhappy marriage.

Remember to make your decision based on the whole situation, not certain factors that make you feel guilty.

And Claudia gets a promotion! Tune in to find out more.

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James is very passionate about exercising his idea muscle, using his brain, and actually making it "sweat."

If you came up with ten good ideas a day, you would have 3,650 good ideas a year...

There are endless opportunities to be discovered, all you have to do is put in the time and effort.

Today, James and his wife Claudia demonstrate how to start the idea generation process.

James recently said that he was going to come up with ten business ideas around the concept of toilets.

Here you have an inside look at how an "idea guru" is able to come up with substantial ideas about almost anything.

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You might have heard that as humans we only consciously use about 5% of our brain. If that is true then how can we tap into the remaining 95%?

Today, James and his wife Claudia talk about this body myth and what they feel is the more appropriate calculation for our bodies' use for the brain.

If you are looking to improve your thinking process and brain power then listen up... James provides several ways that you can utilize daily activities to strengthen and stimulate your mind.

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