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April 2014
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Quick and easy money?

Or are there too many downsides to this lucrative, yet extremely risky, idea?

Are you considering the disadvantages to your health?

Are you willing to risk your relationships with your loved ones?

James says the only people that make money in Wall Street are the people who are doing illegal things, people that hold forever, and the people who hold for a trillionth of a second...

Everyone thinks that they are smart enough, quick enough and lucky enough to day-trade... but are you that one in a million who really can succeed?

Or are you reaching for a dream that is never going to come true and have failed to realize that the house always wins.

James goes through the good, the bad, and the ugly, and the real TRUTH of day-trading...

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The people that are closest to us are usually the ones that really know which buttons to push to trigger an emotion from us.

Do you have any conflicts or issues with certain family members or close friends?

If you do, then this is the show for you...

James explains how setting up boundaries and distance can save you from cutting off the ones that you love.

Plus, Aaron proposes to use James' 24-hour rule for a personal experiment with his relationship with his dad...

Could this be something that could help you "Choose Yourself" and salvage a close relationship?

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They are all around us... at work, on social networks, in our social circles, maybe even at home...

Do you avoid "them" and the negativity they provoke?

Or, do you deal with situations head-on?

Just remember that hate is contagious.

Today, James answers the question... "How do I deal with crappy people in my life?"

Find out what fuels people to act a certain way toward you.

If you "Choose Yourself" and choose the energy you put out into the world, can you alter the way others treat you?

It's a fantastic Ask Altucher that will have you thinking twice about who you allow to be a part of your life...

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It's the government vs. 22-year-olds...

Something is on the minds of many young adults... "Should I attend college?"

What are the advantages of going to college? Do they outweigh the massive amount of debt you risk burying yourself in with student loans?

Will that college degree guarantee a higher-paying salary after graduation?

People say, "Kids learn how to be socialized at college." James' response to that is "My kids don't need to get into $100,000 in debt in order to learn how to have friends."

It's a fantastic Ask Altucher that will have you thinking twice about that college degree...

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WWII marked the beginning of the American Dream.

Men went to war, women went to work, we had double-income families, and more money led to more spending...

James breaks down the process of "why the current economic crisis started with WWII."

It all stems from the American dream to own and the desire to have everything.

As we're running fast to the edge of the cliff, James helps you get prepared to survive.

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Even if you are not currently in this situation, chances are that at one point in your lifetime you either have felt or will feel this way.

Maybe it's not even you, maybe you know of a friend or family member that could benefit from today's Ask Altucher.

Today James tackles the question... "I'm feeling stuck, how do I get out of it?"

Whether it's an emotional slump or an environmental factor affecting your mood there are certain things that will help you... and James provides some excellent easy daily-routine changes that could dramatically improve your lifestyle.

James calls this "the daily practice"... it's the simple way to become physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healthy.

It's a great "Choose Yourself" exercise.

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Welcome back to Ask Altucher...

In an economy where almost all corporations lie about their numbers... it's no surprise that today's question is... "Is Wall Street a scam?"

Find out why James says individual investors are completely screwed...

You'll hear him go through the three types of people that do make money from Wall Street... and why there is no way that the average investor can compete with them.

And... as a former stock broker... Aaron gives us his take.

James and Aaron agree that the bottom line is... you are just a number to Wall Street.

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Welcome to the inaugural episode of our new show...

Ask Altucher

This is James Altucher's brand-new daily podcast, and he couldn't be more excited about it.

Every day, he'll take one question from our audience and dive in deep, as only James can.

Nothing is off limits. He'll never know the question beforehand, so you'll get his immediate reaction

James will cover the questions that every individual faces during their lifetime...

*Should I buy a house?

*Is a college education worth the time and money spent?

*Should you go to see a doctor?

He'll cover topics like...

*Why you should quit your job today

*How to become an overnight success for the rest of your life

*How you should invest your money

He'll give you his "cheat sheets" and the tools he uses every day.

We're excited to launch this new series. And to get it started off, James asked that we give anyone who wants it his free new book, Choose Yourself Stories.

We hope you enjoy it.

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