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Do you have a great idea but you're afraid that if you tell someone, they're going to steal it...


Well, as James tells us today there is no real way to protect your idea. But if you're more passionate about your idea than anyone else, then you can succeed.


Spend a few dollars and get your idea out there. Go to ODesk or Kickstarter and get some help getting your idea seen. For help with crowdfunding, check out our episode 170 with Clay Heber.


James and Claudia come up with a few ideas of their own.


Click to listen to this money-making episode.


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Have you set your 2015 goals yet? 


James doesn't make goals. Instead he tries to improve incrementally 1% better every day... spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. 


Instead of goals, James sets themes. 


Before you pull out that pad and pen, listen here.


And a thank you from our listener who asked the question in Episode #168: How Do You Get That Final 1% Finished?


If you have a question that you would like to ask James, you can either:


Ask a question at


E-mail it to



Or, text James at 203-512-2161.

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Getting your movie produced through the traditional method is extremely difficult. But so is raising the money to do it yourself.


So James suggests you try both routes.


The cost of producing your own movie has gone way, way down.


Claudia suggests creating a short trailer and James chimes in with a few social media ideas to get producers to see it.


Try crowd funding...



And don't forget to start your next script now.

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Do you have a great idea for a product but have no idea how to raise the money to get it launched? Why not try crowdfunding?


Today James calls the expert, Clay Hebert and gives you all the tricks.


He says you need to act like the opposite of MacGyver (you'll have to listen to understand).


Build a landing page and pre-sell your idea weeks and even months before you launch your campaign. Build the excitement...


48 hours to launch...


24 hours to launch...


Don't miss out. The best deals are going fast!


Clay doesn't hold back, he tells James and Claudia all the best practices.



If you've ever thought about doing a crowdfunding campaign, then you have to listen to this episode of Ask Altucher

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Today we start off with a cooking class, not really.


Claudia asks James, how did you start your day today? 


James says, "The key to success in life is what you do in the morning." Turn off your phone, laptop, and TV and go to bed early. Getting a good night sleep is critical to having a productive day.


Stress is so damaging to both your physical and mental body so take a moment in the morning to remember what you're grateful for. Just take a few minutes to reflect. It relaxes the anxiety we all feel daily.



Your morning ritual can decide your whole life.

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Getting that last 1% of your project finished is a problem so many of us experience.


James says it's a problem he has always had to deal with and can totally relate to. So here are a few tricks he uses to get that last 1% done.


Try these...


•Clean up the whole area around you. Clean up the table, clean up the entire room. This will give you the feeling of a fresh start.


•Next, list for yourself, even just in your head, why finishing this project will be good for other people. Remembering why you started this project will help you finish it.


•Lastly, picture in your mind what it will feel like when it's finally finished.


Go ahead, give these tricks a try, and let us know if they help.


Claudia then asks James what he's currently reading...


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When is the right time and what message does that send? 


That depends... 


Do you want to have a relationship or are you just looking for a sexual partner? After you have sex, your relationship changes. 


Do you have any rules in place -13 dates, 90 days? Do you hold to them?


Claudia and James are in rare form today. 


Sit back and enjoy this episode.


If you have a question that you would like to ask James, you can either:


Ask a question at


E-mail it to



Or, text James at 203-512-2161.

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Do you believe in intuition or is it something else?


Intuition, that feeling that you know something even though you have no evidence to back that up, is how most people would define it... 


Not James... 


He believes intuition is really your super-computer, your brain subconsciously going through every variation possible and giving you a scientific answer. 



It may feel spiritual but it's really just science. 

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Podcasting can be extremely rewarding. And if you're willing to work hard, you can make a lot of money.


Today, James calls John Lee Dumas, the host of Entrepreneur on Fire, to ask him if he can help answer a question from one of James' Facebook followers. John's an expert at monetizing his podcast. Last month he grossed $307,504.50 and publishes his numbers here .


The question is "How do I approach or attract advertisers in order to monetize my niche podcast?"


You'll hear John and James share numerous ideas right off the top of their heads. Niches are great, you can focus with laser accuracy.


Your first step should be to contact podcast advertisers and prove to them that you can make them money. John tells you how to do this.


The most important thing is to get started... 

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James recommends exercising your idea muscle daily. Pull out a piece of paper and write down 10 ideas every day.


Today one of our listeners asks – "Should I theme my ideas?"


James says yes, but that doesn't mean every day's list will be similar. He always comes up with a theme, like 10 book ideas or 10 business ideas. Sometimes the ideas are to just help him become a better person.


What themes are important to you? Give yourself permission to come up with bad ideas.



The most important thing is to just show up every day... 

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Claudia talks with James about three major causes of back pain.


1.Back pain associated with genetics or an accident.


2.Sitting. We sit all day and it's not natural position for our spine. We slouch, our head goes forward, backwards or to the side and so we add neck pain to our back pain.


3.Psychological back pain caused by money problems.


Stand up, walk around, stretch back, breathe, and choose yourself.

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This show is really boring... 


I'm just kidding, of course. Our question today was asked via a text message on James' phone.


How do I add value when my industry is insanely boring... like law?



James has a bunch of boring ideas to share with you... 

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How do I get started with my new Internet business? 


Today, James calls someone who has been influential in him building his own business, Buck Flogging.


Buck says, "Find a way to tap into the hard work that others have done in building their audiences and then find a way to get those people over to your site. They've done a lot of the hard work, so build good, strong, healthy relationships with them; you can get there a lot faster."


For too many people, the usual formula has been... 


You keep writing and writing... praying someone will subscribe.


Instead, spend the bulk of your time off your website, not on your website. Drive these readers back to your website via a good landing page and create your most important tool using this shortcut.


Your e-mail list... 


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Make an outline, it will help. An outline will allow you to jump around and work on those areas that interest you at that moment.


If you go off on a tangent, well... tangents aren't really tangents. Allow your writing to go where it may. You'll fit it in later...


Or you won't.


Let it go, don't outline in a very strict way. Let your thoughts wander and fit them back into the book later.


It doesn't matter whether you want to write an e-book, paperback, or an audio book; James recommends you do all three. You'll look much more professional.

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Anxiety about dealing with future problems has two problems. It doesn't solve tomorrow's problems and it does drain your energy of right now.


Thinking about the future is important, but you can choose whether to worry about your problems or solve them now.


That decision is up to you. Worry and anxiety will not solve your problems.



Do the best things you can right now.

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James and Claudia talk about a real-life fight that they've recently had and walk you through how they dealt with it.


Being aware that you're angry is extremely important. 



Emotions go in cycles. You can discuss the disagreement at the "peak" of it or you can wait for this anger cycle to wane. You still may be just as mad, but you'll be more rational

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James turns the tables today and surprises Claudia by asking her a question.


Claudia, an expert in Ashtanga Yoga, has traveled the world studying the minimal essentials needed to practice yoga.


So today you're going to get an expert's explanation of the essentials to the correct practice of yoga.


Posture, stretching, and breathing are critical. She walks James through five easy posses. You can follow along.



I promise you, your body will say thank you.

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Many of you know that James believes in giving your best ideas away. If these are really great ideas, ones you've worked really hard on, this often helps both you and who you give the idea to.


But how do you present these?... 


You have to catch them in the first few sentences and offer up the value right away.


James tells the story of how this has worked for him. 



Sure, a few may get stolen, but ideas are currency. You give them out and often many more come back in return.

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Bad habits, we all have them and we all want to break them.


But how far are you willing to go...


James and Claudia's special Ask Altucher guest, Maneesh Sethi, CEO of PAVLOKand Editor in Chief of Hack The System, took it to the extreme. He hired an assistant to slap him every time he got off task.


If there wasone thingyou could do, every day for a year, who would you become?


Change is hard.


We're held back by distractions, other people, and often ourselves.


But change isn't impossible. Choose your daily action, and PAVLOK will hold you accountable, ensuring lasting success.


Self-induced changes seem to work much better than those forced upon you by others.


James immediately comes up with two ways he's going to use PAVLOK to help him break his bad habits.


What started out as just a joke has quickly turned into a potentially huge business.

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Trends, they’re not that hard predict.


People are living longer so our and as such our population is aging. That’s a trend to keep your eyes on.

Wal-Mart, CVS and Walgreens are putting clinics in their stores, No longer do you need to make an appointment to see your family doctor if you have a cold, sore throat

Education and chemistry are two more.

Take out your waiters pad and write down what you see happening around you.  These will probably be the new trends for The 21st Century

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Years ago, James wrote an article for CNBC and stated, “Apple will be the trillion- dollar market cap company”.


Everyone laughed…


But it looks like he’s going to be right.


And today he’ll give you his thoughts on the next trillion-dollar company.


The not yet public company, James believes this company will easily hit a trillion dollars in revenue because they solve a problem we all have; people who need something can connect with people who provide that something .


This company provides the logistics to make all this happen.


The company is…. Uber. They hook up those people who need something with those who can provide it.


Plus, Claudia thinks she knows the one right after that…


Listen here and see if you agree.


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Choosing yourself doesn't mean you're not going to be working any longer. As a matter of fact, Claudia mentions that since she's chosen herself, she's never worked harder in her life.


What it does mean is you don't have to go through the gatekeepers to get things done.


A boss can't fire you, a publisher can't reject you, and no one can stop you from creating wealth and abundance.


Many people still think there's stability in the 9 to 6 job, but they're being fooled. There's much less stability when you're relying on someone else.


Go ahead, give it a try, choose yourself, don't worry about what any one else is doing, and see what happens...

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James and Claudia are just back from interviewing Tony Robbins live at his home in Palm Beach, FL and Claudia wants to know the Top 3 Things James took away from the interview.


·         Lousy questions lead to lousy answers.


·         Be a servant to many.


·         The Tony Robbins Method.



James explains what these are, how important they really are, and why these rose to the top of his list.

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Today, we're mixing it up a bit. Robbie Abed, author of the book Fire Me I Beg You and CTO of Technori, pestered James for four years trying to pin him down to "have coffee together."


James thought he was going to call Robbie's bluff by saying, "Yeah, sure, just drive up to my town eighty miles north of Manhattan and meet me there at 12:10."


Well, Robbie called his bluff and showed up.


So James and Claudia invited Robbie back to their house, turned on the mics, and recorded today's Ask Altucher.


Robbie has about 250 "coffees" a year with people.


He has used these meetings to create a huge network of people helping people. He knows them all and he has used this to create a business-development company.


Relationships take a long time to build. It took Robbie four years to finally connect with James and I think this is going to lead to something much bigger.

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Everyone is allocated a certain amount of energy per day.


Today, James and Claudia talk about how you can "hack" your peak energy. This trick will help you be your most efficient.


For most people, about two to four hours after you wake up are your peak hours, but this is determined by your healthy practices. Healthy eating, getting a good night's sleep, and healthy breathing are very important.


Claudia and James talk about some breathing exercises she teaches. If you're interested in learning more from "The Master," click here.


Use your peak hours to take care of the most important work… the work you love.


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Picking a great business partner is the most important decision you can make. Great partners are critical.


It's like a marriage. There's a contract and an obligation to spend a lot of time together.


Business life is intense...


You have to have good chemistry; you have to really trust the person or you're setting yourself up for failure.



In our second segment, James shares with Claudia his ideas about the big trends coming over the next century.

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Today's question is a tough one and it's from one of our listeners who texted in this question to 203-512-2161.


To paraphrase, his start-up failed, he was in a divorce, he was in a car accident and when he reported it to the police, his license was suspended because he hadn't paid a speeding ticket.


He's incredibly stressed and wondering how to deal with it.


As James recounts, almost the exact same thing has happen to him.


First off, you're not alone...


"Tomorrow is not dictated by yesterday, but tomorrow will be dictated by what you do today."


Take a deep breath, pause, and try to get healthy. Get a good night's sleep, start exercising, and be grateful.


Try to improve just 1% a day – the compounding effect with be amazing.


Then, James tells us what he read recently while he was traveling back and forth from his recent TedX talk in San Diego.


Here's James' latest reading list:


The Art of Stillness: Adventure in Going Nowhere by Pico Iyer


Food: A Love Story by Jim Gaffigan


Everything is Bullshit: The greatest scams on Earth revealed by Priceonomics


The Laughing Monsters: A Novel by Denis Johnson



City of Thieves by David Benioff

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Luck... it has been written about for years. Today James tackles both sides... what is luck and why did this person ask this question?


Was Mark Cuban lucky? Who knows? But if you know the back story of Mark's rise to success you'll understand how much work went into his success.


When he made his first few million, he didn't quit. He leveraged his success and "got lucky" again.


And although he's a billionaire (a few times over), he still has not quit. Just tune into Shark Tank and you'll see why he has been so consistently "lucky."

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Have you created what you think is the next big idea, but you're afraid to tell anybody because you're afraid they'll steal your idea?


What should you do next? 


Should you send it to LinkedIn, Google, or Zappos? And will they just steal it?


James says, "just send it to them." If they use it, that means your idea was good and it won't be the last good idea you ever have. But that's how you get in.



Give your ideas away for free. You'll be repaid a hundred times over.

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 Are you an aspiring artist? Have you always wanted to be an actor, a director or a producer?


If so, what’s the best city to launch your career, N.Y., L.A? 


Today James and Claudia discuss why neither of those are good choices. 


Claudia offers great insight here.  Asking what city should I start in is the wrong question. The right question should be, what scene should I shoot today.


Make the city come to you. 


No matter what you’re aspiring to be…


The only good choice is to Choose Yourself


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Some days there's nothing better than a great feel-good story. It just makes you feel good inside.



If you listen to today's episode, you'll know what I mean... 

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James and Claudia are relaxing in sunny San Diego today and decided to take the show outside to enjoy the weather and recharge.


If you've listened to James for a while now, you'll know that one of his keys is to keep healthy. He's practicing what he preaches.


Today's question is about being alone.


Yes, it's not an easy place to be, but no matter how bad it seems, there's hope. See if you can figure out how to help other people. Go volunteer, give ideas to others, become a go-giver.


Helping others will help you up off the floor.

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Today we’re doing something a bit different…

James is has a question about an industry he really doesn’t know anything about—selling cars.

So, he decides to call up the expert to learn more about his 10 step program to “closing the deal.” Enter, Leonard Kim, car salesman, author and Quora contributor.

This show is longer than usual but we wanted to make sure we didn’t miss anything.

After listening we’d like your opinion.

Do car salesman get a bad rap or are his sales techniques pretty much what you thought went on behind the scenes?


Leave a comment at  and let us know!

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Warning… This episode is a bit explicit and may not be suitable for young children…


If you work for a company, there's a strong chance you don't have a good relationship with your boss.



James decides to put a different spin on this question. Instead of focusing on the problem, his advice is to do the opposite... You don't want to miss his counterintuitive perspective.

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A listener asks James how he can be more grateful. It all starts with the “Daily Practice.” James believes being grateful is like a muscle that needs to be flexed daily. 


The critical component to becoming grateful is to stop complaining or comparing yourself to others. 


Claudia adds to the conversation. She exercises her gratitude muscle by letting it compound itself throughout the day. 

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Today's Ask Altucher is a difficult one. A listener asks James advice on whether or not he should leave his alcoholic wife and children. 


James lays out a few options he thinks will help. He believes the first course of action to take is to temporarily remove him from the situation. 


Claudia, on the other hand, has some strong advice for the listener based upon things she has been through in the past. You don't want to miss what Claudia has to say.

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Today's question is one you might be familiar with. A listener asks James for advice on how he can quit texting his ex-girlfriend.


James believes the first step is to focus on the "Daily Practice." By taking care of your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical self, you'll be able to calm the uncontrollable desire to stop a bad behavior.


Claudia also has a specific suggestion for this listener. It's one you might use if you find yourself in the same position as this listener.


You'll also hear James' three-step plan on how to break bad habits.

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Today's question comes from a text that was sent to James' cell phone, 203-512-2161. And it's one that James identifies with well.


A listener asks for advice on how to make new friends as an introvert.


James believes the first step is to break self-defining labels. He then presents a challenging exercise for anyone that's up for meeting strangers.



He also tells listeners a great place anyone can go to meet new people. 

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Every week for an hour on Twitter, James hosts a Q&A where he answers any and all questions from his followers.


One of the most frequent questions James receives is, "How do I generate website traffic?"


Although James has mastered the art and science of generating traffic for his blog, he decides to answer this question by taking it one step further. On this episode of Ask Altucher, James invites a special guest who has "written the book" on how to create habit-forming products.



Tune in and you'll learn the true key to generating website traffic.

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Maybe you've been recently laid off or finally decided to quit your job to choose yourself…  and now you need some cash quick.


Today, Claudia ask James, "You've just been fired from your job and you need $1,000 a week. Go."


Right off the top of his head, you can hear James create a business.



He and Claudia role play and she's tough on him, but he's on top of his game and fires back with great answers.

Direct download: AA20EP20134.mp3
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Something that we need to keep in mind is that Ebola is a RARE and DEADLY disease.


But with the recent hype in the media and news stories about the few cases that have been diagnosed it’s hard to not get caught up in the panic.


Today, James and Claudia talk about the REAL concerns that we should be thinking about when it comes to Ebola.


If it turns out that you have a better chance at winning the lottery than getting Ebola then why are so many people worried about this virus?


Is there an agenda that we are not paying attention to? Maybe we should be more concerned with who is making money from Ebola news…

Direct download: AA20EP20133.mp3
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Whether in school, in public, or in the online community, we have all experienced bullies and negative attention.

It's no secret that not everyone is going to agree with everything that you have to say...

People are always going to have their opinions, and they do not always express them in the most pleasant way.

Today, James and Claudia talk about how to deal with negative energy... and the best practices to avoid unwanted and unnecessary stress.

You'll find out what the "24-Hour" rule is and how you can put it to use in your own life...

Plus, don't miss out on a special segment with Mike Godwin, author of Cyber Rights: Defending Free Speech in the Digital Age... find out what Mike has to say about hate in the online community.

Direct download: AA_EP_132.mp3
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We all have our own preferences for qualities that we look for in a partner. There are certain things that attract us and make us want to be closer to a person.

Today, James and Claudia talk about their own dating history and the courtship that they encountered together.

Claudia even shares what was on her "dating list" and what she would not settle for...

Find out what worked for them and what they decided was not necessary.

They did something right because they found success after just six months of dating each other... Their story might just trigger your own path to happiness.

Direct download: AA_EP_131.mp3
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Relationships are tough and what can make them even worse is when the person you are pursuing does not share the same interest in you...

Something that we are all familiar with is the slippery slope that leads to the friend-zone... liking someone but never creating a romantic relationship with someone you care about.

Today, James and Claudia talk about how to approach a relationship and move it to the next level.

They also bring on a special guest... a dating guru to give her take on dating and how to determine what you really want out of a relationship and when it is right to take the next step.

Direct download: AA_EP_130.mp3
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We have all been through weight fluctuations... but what can you do when you notice a loved one has gained a significant amount of weight?

What is the best way to approach the situation?

Today, James and Claudia talk about the appropriate ways to suggest healthier options to a family member or close friend that won't seem over bearing.

There is one specific example that James gives listeners that will help them lose weight without any exercise... results are strictly from a basic diet change only.

Direct download: AA_EP_129.mp3
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Have you started your own daily practice? Have you followed James advice and started to exercise your idea muscle on a daily basis?

If you have then you probably have some ideas that you have thought about executing.

But how do you know when it is the right time to act on an idea?

Today James and Claudia talk about how to continue your idea list and the importance of combining good ideas together.

James mentions on the podcast that one of the best strategies is to continue the idea generation until you have become an idea machine...

If you are coming up with ideas every day, then you are giving your imagination exactly what it needs... Exercise and nourishment.

And if you think that you are ready to execute at least one of your current ideas then today is just what you have been waiting for...

On our second segment... James and Claudia challenge all listeners to try and execute one "good idea" this week and provide some basic but helpful tips on how to accomplish the task.

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Tired of seeing clutter around your house? Or maybe your closet is in need of a good “spring cleaning”?

Today, James and Aaron talk about how you can create passive income from simply selling a few items on Ebay.

It takes more than just posting a piece of clothing and making a quick sale if you are looking for some success.

Find out how simply writing a personal description of the item can make a world of a difference.

We’re all familiar with the old saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Learn how to make anything lying around your house into quick and easy income.

Plus, don’t miss out on our second segment…what is on James’ idea list today?

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Have you ever met someone that projected negative energy?

Maybe you have worked with or went to school with someone like this... or maybe you can relate this to your own energy.

It makes you wonder if a person's personality affects their success? Do certain traits qualify you for more opportunities?

Today, James and Aaron talk about which personality traits will guarantee failure no matter what...

Plus, find out how you can alter your attitude and improve your personality by simply using this daily practice.

If you are looking to move up in the corporate world, begin your entrepreneurial journey, or simply improve your relationships, then the first step is to choose yourself.

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Aaron and James are finally back in the studio together!

You'll hear all about Aaron's trip to Europe and a brand-new podcast that will be featured on Stansberry Radio Network... "The Choose Yourself Stories."

And... you have probably heard about James' daily practice and the importance he places on exercising your idea muscle, but are you familiar with his "idea matrix"?

Today, James reveals how the "idea matrix" will enable you to generate both good and bad ideas and ultimately enable you to choose yourself.

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With so many distractions in the world, how does James take full advantage of his daily practice?

Today, James and Claudia talk about how you can easily adapt to situational noise and distractions and continue on with your daily practice.

What might seem like a disturbance to one person might be a convenience to another.

Plus, don't miss out on the second segment... Which books have made the biggest impact on James...

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We all experience stress and difficulties in life.

But is there a way we can create a barrier between us and our ongoing stressors?

Today, James and Claudia discuss how to keep calm simply by listening to your body.

If you have ever felt nervous for a speech or an interview, then you will want to learn how to replace that negative feeling with a positive one.

It is possible to subdue your nervousness and it's simpler than you think.

Plus, don't miss out on our second segment "what is on James' idea list?"

Direct download: AA_EP_123.mp3
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Many of you might not know that James used to work at HBO...

It was one of the jobs that he had always dreamed of and was most proud of. And even though it didn't work out, it gave him experiences and knowledge that James would not trade for anything.

Not only did he make some of his greatest networking connections, but he was given priceless professional guidelines.

Today, James shares the most important thing that he learned while working at HBO... and why it is so important.

"Always treat the talent with respect."

Find out how James was able to apply this to other areas in his life... and how it fits in to his daily practice.

Plus, don't miss out on our Second Segment where James and Claudia present a 10-day challenge to listeners...

Direct download: AA_EP_122.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 10:59am EDT

With all of the pressures and expectations that we experience through life, it's easy to feel depressed and anxious.

But are you suffering from clinical symptoms or situational symptoms?

Could you improve your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health before turning to medication?

Today, James and Claudia talk about how using the "daily practice" can completely boost your energy and improve your mood.

Remind yourself daily that health and happiness usually go together.

Plus, on our Second Segment, find out what is on James' reading list this week.

Direct download: AA_EP_121.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 10:57am EDT

Have you ever thought to yourself that you would like to make money from writing?

Do you struggle with getting started? Maybe the answer is not to jump right into the publishing industry...

Today, James and Claudia talk about several ways that you can start writing for money instantly.

James has great tips on how to start small and create your own path to success.

Your first step could be as simple as guest blogging for a site. No matter how small the content is, the most important thing is that you are getting your ideas out there.

Don't strive for perfection... just start working your idea muscle.

Once you are able to get your work out there, you will see opportunities start to open up.

Direct download: AA_EP_120.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 10:15am EDT

If you know anything about James, you know how adamant he is about developing a daily practice and writing down at least 10 ideas a day.

Today, James and Claudia talk about several ways that you can broaden your idea spectrum and start the writing process.

If you are looking for inspiration or just wondering how to start the process then this is the show to listen to.

Even if you are a decent writer, you always have room to grow your skills.

If it were easy to be successful, then everybody would be. Take time to craft your skills and do not delay your creativity.

P.S. If you know anyone that is aspiring to be a writer and think this could help, go ahead and forward today's episode to them.

Direct download: AA_EP_119.mp3
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Life is complicated and there are many moving parts that we juggle on a daily basis.

Kids, marriage, career... there are many different things that take away time from us.

How can you "choose yourself" when you are being pulled in so many different directions?

Today, James and Claudia talk about how you can still make time for yourself. And they cover why choosing yourself is actually the best way to provide a better "you" to others.

You should never underestimate your own power to change yourself... once you develop your own daily practice of choosing yourself you will see your life change drastically.

Direct download: AA_EP_118.mp3
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Do you think that goals are pointless and a waste of time?

If so, then you already have at least one thing in common with today's guest.

Matt Stone, an independent health researcher and author of Goals Suck, joins today's Ask Altucher segment to talk about how to reach your life's passions without the restrictions of setting goals.

Our free time is probably the most precious part of our lives.

So why would you spend your time writing things out instead of actually doing them...

Today, Matt shares with our listeners the real purpose of goals and why we should restructure how we act on them.

Cut stress, disappointment, meaningless tasks... stop doing what doesn't make you happy and start living your life the way you want...

Direct download: AA_EP_117_.mp3
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It's a dream of many... to play pro sports.

James describes being interested in sports as "a huge umbrella." There are many careers that can stem from the love of sports.

Maybe you can't do exactly what you fantasized about doing, but there is an underlying theme that you can still follow.

Today, James and Claudia talk about different ways around the sports industry gatekeepers.

If you "choose yourself," follow your passion, and find an interest in your fantasy theme then you are already halfway there.

Activate your idea machine and you will be a success no matter what.

Plus, find out what is on James' idea list for today.

Direct download: AA_EP_116.mp3
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How does the media choose the stories they produce?

Is it just the facts? Or do they pick and choose which stories will get the most reaction?

If you rely on the news to get your information on what is going on in the world, then you are letting others decide what you need to know.

James admits that he does not listen or read the news.

Today, he reveals what sources and knowledge skills are necessary for interpreting the news and deciding what is important and what is just media hype.

Plus, he reveals what you should be doing with your time instead and provides some alternative ways to familiarize yourself with current events.

And in today's Second Segment, Claudia and James talk about what not to do if you come into sudden wealth.

Direct download: AA_EP_115.mp3
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Normally James does not like to talk about stocks and investments... But today we have a special treat for listeners.

There are certain investments that reflect important demographic trends and will help you make money in a variety of areas.

Find out which five investments James says he is most excited about.

Plus, Claudia gives us her favorite chicken recipe...

Direct download: AA_EP_114.mp3
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A show that talks about confidence, dating advice, relationship advice, and emotional intelligence...

Sound interesting?

Well today's guest hosts a show that does just that...

Jordan Harbinger, host of The Art of Charm podcast, joins today's Ask Altucher segment to talk about how he has personally used charm to help him on a daily basis and even get him out of life-threatening scenarios such as kidnapping.

In fact... believe it or not, but Jordan has escaped being kidnapped TWICE!

You'll hear the concepts and tools that Jordan has developed into the "art of charm" and how it has literally saved his life.

The ideas he presents are so simple and yet game-changing techniques...

Direct download: AA_EP_113.mp3
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Do you enjoy writing or have an interest in learning how to write?

Would you enjoy working from home or anywhere in the world?

If you have the ability to create material that influences the way people think or act, then a career in writing could be the answer.

Today, James and Claudia talk about how you can literally sell anything if you can master copywriting.

If you are interested in learning the skills to succeed in one of the most lucrative professions, then look no further...

Plus, find out what is on James' idea list for this week.

Direct download: AA_EP_112_.mp3
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How do you use the media? Do you follow certain news broadcasts, newspapers, subscriptions, or Internet sources?

There are unlimited ways to get the news today and we are constantly being bombarded with what the Media considers to be the most important stories.

But there is more to the media than just the news and celebrity gossip. Today, Claudia asks James to comment on what Media he uses and for what purposes.

If you know James then you know that he does not believe in reading the news.

Here you will learn what media outlets he finds most essential...

When James prepares for his shows, interviews, presentations, or any interaction, there is one type of source that no other can compare to.

Plus... find out what is on James' reading list for this week.

Direct download: AA_EP_111_.mp3
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We all have our own ways of dealing with stress, challenges, and other kinds of life's dilemmas.

Have you ever considered using self-help books? Or wanted to attend seminars from self-proclaimed gurus?

Today, James and Claudia talk about their thoughts on the self-help industry.

Find out why James says that self-help books are simply placebos and do not heal or confront the real route of any problem.

You'll hear James and Claudia share several ways that you can help yourself with simple daily activities and exercises.

Plus, you won't want to miss out on Part II of today's segment...

Want to find out what "life hacks" James uses?

Direct download: AA_EP_110_.mp3
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We're exposed to marketing and branding every day. In fact, there are even circumstances where we need to market ourselves, whether it is for a job, a relationship, an idea, etc.

But are you marketing effectively?

Today, James and Claudia talk about the importance of promoting yourself and the different exercises that will help you master the process.

Do you have the skills it takes to promote a vision?

Here you get the necessary tools and concepts for self-advertising and executing any idea.

Direct download: AA_EP_109.mp3
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What advice do he has for children? What do you do to encourage them to be creative and to have a live where they Choose Themselves. 

You can't just tell your kids to do something and expect them to do it. You have to show them. You have to lead by example. 

You have to be honest, authentic, fair but firm. 

You can try challenging your kids. Find those things that interest them and give them some tools to push these to the next level. 

Think of ways to do it when you're together, just hanging out. Make a game out of it. 


James gives us a few examples.

Direct download: AA20EP20108.mp3
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Claudia is about to jump into Ask Altucher and forgets the question. It’s too funny. How often have we all done this? I know I do it almost daily. 

Anyway…Lindsay emailed us a great question. “I want to change, but I don’t know what my passion is?”

James jumps right in, questioning whether or not passion alone is enough to be successful. 

He suggests that you should rite down what interests you—no limits just start writing. The next step is to start combining these ideas and see what happens.

Don’t be disappointed if you try one or two things that fail. The technique is to try 10 or 20. 

Just keep trying.


And in today’s Second Segment, James gives us some writing tips. He discusses how to utilize “the cliffhanger”.

Direct download: AA20EP20107.mp3
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James interrupts Claudia from her daily yoga routine to bring you today's Ask Altucher question.

On our sister show, The James Altucher Show, James interviewed Peter Thiel. It was one of James' best interviews, and if you've not listened to it yet, click here. 

Claudia asks James, "What's the one thing that Peter said that caused the biggest impression on you, the ONE thing" 

If you're going to start a business, something really new and innovative, then be 10 times better than your competitor.

James takes this idea and expands it into everything you should do in your daily life.

20% better is not enough; you have to blow away the completion... 

And in today's second segment, James tells us what makes for a great interview. You can learn a lot by practicing some of these techniques in whatever you do.

Direct download: AA20EP20106.mp3
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Today James and Claudia host expert book promoter Michael Drew.

While James is a huge proponent of self-publishing he wanted Michael to explain to you the other side of the story. 

According to Michael, self published books, right or wrong will never make The New York Times bestselling book list.

With an impressive track record, which he says includes “80 books out of 80 books onto national bestseller lists”, Michael Drew is THE authority on how to turn your book into a bestseller. 

He knows all the tricks and while you may not think they’re fair, they are what they are. 

“Creating a best seller is 90% knowledge, secrets and timing, and only about 10% great book. The crazy thing…very few people in the publishing industry understand that.”


Direct download: AA20EP20105.mp3
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The notion of a 9 to 5 carrying us into the safety of retirement is dead.

But how can you quit the grind. How can you plan for your future?

Today, James and Claudia talk about the steps you may need to put in place before you make the jump.

You may have to work multiple jobs before you can feel secure enough to quit. That's OK, but you need to make sure you're healthy enough to work this hard. 

Plus, James gives a good rule of thumb as to when it's time to finally Choose Yourself.

And in our new segment, James and Claudia discuss an idea that James has been thinking about. It's there for one of you to take and run with.

Something New – Our Listener Location MAP

We asked you to tell us where you are and what you're doing when you listen to Ask Altucher.

Your responses have been amazing... 

You're listening in North and South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia. You listen while driving, hiking, biking, and walking. We help you get through those daily chores like cooking dinner, cleaning the house, and mowing your lawn.

But this is just the beginning... 

We have huge plans to take this to another level. Stay tuned; we're hard at work right now getting it ready.

So keep sending us your notes. We'll post them weekly to our map, and we'll be announcing something new and exciting soon.

Click here to see the map. 

And let's see if we can fill it up.

If you have a question that you would like to ask James, you can either:


·       Ask a question at


Direct download: AA20EP20104.mp3
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James has been known to give away his possessions to friends and acquaintances.

Although they may be special objects to James, he seems to find others whom he feels would get more use or enjoyment out of them.

Today, James and Claudia talk about different things that he has given away and why he finds freedom from the process.

Plus, they introduce a new segment to Ask Altucher on business advice. And more specifically, they discuss a business idea that could help reduce student loans.

Something New – Our Listener Location MAP

We asked you to tell us where you are and what you're doing when you listen to Ask Altucher.

Your responses have been amazing...

You're listening in North and South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia. You listen while driving, hiking, biking, and walking. We help you get through those daily chores like cooking dinner, cleaning the house, and mowing your lawn. 

But this is just the beginning... 

We have huge plans to take this to another level. Stay tuned, we're hard at work right now getting it ready.

So keep sending us your notes, we'll post them weekly to our map, and we'll be announcing something new and exciting soon. 

Click here to see the map 

And let's see if we can fill it up. 

If you have a question that you would like to ask James, you can either:


Ask a question at

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Choose Yourself is one of James' most successful books... but is the idea of choosing yourself actually a selfish concept?

Today, James and Claudia discuss an email that was sent in from a listener who is concerned that by choosing herself she will be considered selfish.

The problem is, if you aren't able to take care of your own well-being, you can't expect to care for or help anyone else.

It may seem selfish on the surface, but choosing yourself is probably the most unselfish thing you can do.

Here you will learn that when you start each day with James' daily practices you are not only creating positive energy for yourself but you are also making yourself available to others.


Also, on today's second segment, James turns the table and asks Claudia a question about an area that she is an expert in.

Direct download: AA20EP2010220.mp3
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Do you make lists to manage your time?

Do you feel that you are usually disappointed when you are not able to cross off each item?

Today, James and Claudia talk about their thoughts on "To-Do" lists. Something that James considers more efficient is to actually make an "I did" list instead.

Could this be a new strategy that will improve your productivity with daily activities?

When you make a list of things to do you are really only procrastinating. To delay may mean to forget...

Here you will learn how to avoid disappointment and increase daily accomplishments.


And if you're up for it... James challenges listeners to create an "I did" list for the next 45 days.

Direct download: AA20EP20101.mp3
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Episode 100! Before we get into the description of the show, we just wanted to thank all the listeners of Ask Altucher for getting us this far.

Now onto the description...

Have you ever had to start over in life? Start completely from scratch? No money... no job?

Today, James and Claudia share the story of a listener who feels completely overwhelmed and discouraged from starting over.

James knows first-hand what it's like to lose a job, money, family, and to live in fear.

Every day is a clean slate to start a new and better life.

If you start with James' daily practice and "choose yourself"... there are endless possibilities that you can achieve.

Here you will gain the knowledge and skills that can empower you to stop living in fear and move forward with confidence in starting over.

Direct download: AA_EP_100_.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 10:08am EDT

After reading Choose Yourself, a listener sent us an email about the success he has found while following James' daily practice and pursuing his passion.

Just four months into the process, he has drastically changed his way of thinking and his quality of life.

Today, James and Aaron share the encouraging story that demonstrates if you "choose yourself" and work with your ideas, you can succeed at almost anything. And in this particular case, you can literally sell anything.

Plus, find out what books are currently on James' reading list.

Direct download: AA_Ep._99_.mp3
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Have you ever known two people that you felt would make a great connection?

If so, introducing them would not only be beneficial for them, but might pay off for you in the long run, too.

Whether your intentions are business or social arrangements, something to keep in mind is that there is a difference between "permission networking" and "introducing people."

And today, James and Aaron go through the proper ways to network with certain acquaintances.

Here, you will gain the skills and knowledge that will help you in any social setting that involves introductions.

Direct download: AA_Ep._98_.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 11:25am EDT

When you get hired for any job, you go through the process of negotiating a salary, the start date, and many other factors…

What people don't realize though, is that negotiating can be a powerful aspect of being fired as well.

Getting fired can be incredibly scary and stressful, but there are some tips and tricks that you should keep in mind.

Today, James and Claudia discuss the power of negotiating and how you can apply the skill for when you are fired from a job.

Here you'll get the skills and concepts necessary for starting over and how to make the process less stressful.

Direct download: AA_EP._97_FIRED_FROM_JOB.mp3
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We should all enter into a marriage knowing that it will not be perfect... because there is no such thing as a perfect marriage.

But if things are not working out, when is the right time to end a marriage?

Click here to find out.

Maybe you are worried about the shame of failure or about your children.

Today, James and Claudia talk about several reasons why a person should not stay in an unhappy marriage.

Remember to make your decision based on the whole situation, not certain factors that make you feel guilty.

And Claudia gets a promotion! Tune in to find out more.

Direct download: AA_Ep.96.mp3
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James is very passionate about exercising his idea muscle, using his brain, and actually making it "sweat."

If you came up with ten good ideas a day, you would have 3,650 good ideas a year...

There are endless opportunities to be discovered, all you have to do is put in the time and effort.

Today, James and his wife Claudia demonstrate how to start the idea generation process.

James recently said that he was going to come up with ten business ideas around the concept of toilets.

Here you have an inside look at how an "idea guru" is able to come up with substantial ideas about almost anything.

Direct download: AA_Ep.95_EDIT.mp3
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You might have heard that as humans we only consciously use about 5% of our brain. If that is true then how can we tap into the remaining 95%?

Today, James and his wife Claudia talk about this body myth and what they feel is the more appropriate calculation for our bodies' use for the brain.

If you are looking to improve your thinking process and brain power then listen up... James provides several ways that you can utilize daily activities to strengthen and stimulate your mind.

Direct download: AA_Ep.94.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 12:51pm EDT

Yesterday we covered how to give constructive criticism... today James and Claudia go through the difference between constructive and destructive criticism.

In anything that you do, being open to suggestions is an important part in improving yourself.

But are you able to interpret whether or not the suggestions are meant to be helpful or just plain negative?

The most important thing to keep in mind when listening to others is to determine if they are offering anything of value.

Claudia and James not only talk about several aspects of criticism that you need to pay attention to but they also reveal how they overcame their own constructively criticisms against each other while co-writing The Power of No.

Direct download: AA_Ep.93.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 9:47am EDT

Often, when people think that they are giving constructive criticism, they are actually being destructive and unhelpful.

Whether you are trying to give suggestions or someone else is criticizing your work, there is a right and wrong way to approach the situation...

Today, James and Aaron discuss several personal examples where they have been on both sides of criticism.

Whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, here you will gain the skills to approach any similar situation with confidence.

Plus, learn some quick tips on how to actually give constructive criticism.

Direct download: AA_Ep_92.mp3
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Every day, questions come in to James about how to get better at writing.

So today, James talks about several habits that he has adopted that have increased his creativity.

Knowing James though, you know that his tips are always going to be out of the box.

According to James, 90% of writing isn't even writing at all.

Direct download: AA_Ep_91.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 10:20am EDT

Has your reputation ever been attacked? Have you ever felt like the victim of gossip?

James knows first-hand how much negative attention can affect your life and ruin others' perception of you.

So how do you restore your self-image after it gets tainted? Or better yet, how can you protect your self-image to ensure it does not get damaged?

Today, you will learn several techniques that James has found to be highly effective when dealing with negativity generated from "haters."

Direct download: AA_Ep_90.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 10:20am EDT

At some point, we have all been asked to do some things that we really don't want to do...

But how do you deal with the requests and demands of others, when they cut into your personal time?

Today, James and Aaron talk about how to make the most of your time when asked to participate in activities that you are not exactly thrilled about.

Aaron has friend's destination wedding quickly approaching and shares his plan for how to make the best of the situation.

Not everyone has the time and money available to travel and celebrate. Find out how Aaron has been able to sort out his schedule to accommodate his friend's needs as well as his own.

What started as an obligation has now become the trip of a lifetime...

Direct download: AA_Ep_89.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 10:47am EDT

James has made money, lost money, found love, been divorced, and been involved with many entrepreneurial endeavors.

Through all of his experiences, what he describes as his most difficult time in the past might surprise you...

What is even more interesting is that what he has most difficulty with is ongoing and probably will never end.

Maybe you have the same troubles as James and you don't even know it.

Today could be a breakthrough for so many aspects of your life and it all comes from the power and ability of saying "no."

Direct download: AA_Ep_88.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 11:57am EDT

John Lee Dumas joins Ask Altucher for Part II of our interview from yesterday's show.

In Part I of this interview, James and John talked about their success and how they got to where they are today.

For Part II, listeners get to hear the real secret to John's business.

Just last month alone he was able to make $282,000...

How is he able to give away so much value for free and still able to convert listeners into buyers?

You'll get all the details... one idea just leads to another, and it becomes a snowball effect for extreme success.

If you are looking for a money-making strategy, look no further...

Direct download: AA_EP_87._JOHN_DUMAS_PART_II_EDIT.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 10:54am EDT

For the first time ever... James and Aaron have a special guest join an Ask Altucher segment.

John Lee Dumas, founder and host of Entrepreneur On Fire, joins the show to talk about his idea generation process.

Just like James, John has found the means to go around the gate-keepers of an industry and launch a business that is inspired by his true passions.

Today, you get to hear the banter between two brilliant entrepreneurs on how they found success and what steps they took to get where they are today.

Direct download: AA_EP_86._JOHN_DUMAS_PART_I.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 11:06am EDT

Diet pills, cosmetic surgery, Botox... people are constantly looking for secrets to make them look younger.

It's no wonder that so many individuals are obsessed with finding the fountain of youth because that is exactly what our society idolizes... "youthful beauty."

But people often forget about all of the wonderful experiences that come with age.

Today, James and his wife Claudia talk about several reasons why they find more happiness and confidence in their older years.

It's time to stop fighting the inevitable and embrace a future where you can choose yourself for the "real you."

Direct download: 08_1.05-STANS_AskAltucher_5.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 11:53am EDT

Alcohol abuse, stress, lack of sleep... there are many different ways that we cause harm to our bodies.

But how do you know when it is time to step in and choose yourself?

Today, James and his wife, Claudia, talk about several unhealthy habits and several ways to avoid or stop them all together.

If you are ready to remove bad habits and choose a healthier lifestyle, then today could be your starting point.

Direct download: 08_1.05-STANS_AskAltucher_4.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 10:19am EDT

The specialty store Crumbs Cupcakes recently disappeared altogether as a chain. With loyal customers upset, a listener is wondering what caused the popular business to shut down.

Today, James and his wife, and temporary co-host, Claudia, talk about different restaurant and store chains that could also be at risk of losing business because they focus on a specialty item.

Should you be thinking twice about investing in some of these places?

James and Claudia also go over a brand new technique that people can use to decide whether they want to invest in a company.

Direct download: 08_1.05-STANS_AskAltucher_3.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 11:13am EDT

Many people are starting to wonder which country is going to be the leader in the Bitcoin revolution.

Today, James and his wife, Claudia, talk about the differences between their two home countries.

Unlike James who was born in the U.S. where there are many opportunities for wealth and success, Claudia was born in Argentina where the government is corrupt and there aren't many jobs available.

She describes Argentina as a true "choose yourself" country, where the people have to worry about where their next meal is coming from. You either work hard... or you don't survive.

Find out why James says Bitcoin is on its way to being the currency of choice in Argentina...

Could this be where Bitcoin first erupts into a country's economy?

Direct download: AskAltucher_82.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 10:36am EDT

James is always reading and usually it's more than one book at a time. His reading lists always prove to be something that interests our listeners so it's no surprise that today's question is, "What is James currently reading?"

We hope that you have a pen and paper in hand because it's a long list today from both James and Aaron.

And do you know which one of James' books is his absolute favorite?

Today he reveals which one he re-reads over and over again.

Direct download: Ep81_AskAltucher_AA-FINAL.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 10:34am EDT

There are many critical thinking games that both children and adults can benefit from.

Today's question comes from a listener who wants to know what the benefits are of playing chess...

If you know anything about James, then you know how much he loves playing chess. Not only is it a leisurely activity that he enjoys, but it also serves as an excellent way to exercise his idea muscle.

Today, James shares several ways that chess has completely changed his life including landing him a job even though after completely ruining the interview.

It's a great way to build discipline, character, self-control, and critical thinking skills... all of which will help you choose yourself.

Direct download: Ep80_AskAltucher_AA-FINAL.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 12:00pm EDT

Have you ever felt self-conscious about the way you look? Has your lack of confidence ever affected your relationships?

James grew up with a self-image that didn't help his social life, but over time, he has developed confidence and a higher sense of self-esteem that has completely changed his life.

Today, you'll hear several ways to boost your confidence and feel attractive in any situation.

We grew up hearing "beauty comes from the inside"... Find out how James' daily practice proves this to be 100% true.

If you feel good about yourself, then that is exactly how others will perceive you.

Focus on living every day with a smile and you will quickly see how others will be drawn to you.

Direct download: Ep79_AskAltucher_AA-FINAL.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 10:47am EDT

Today's question comes from a listener who wants to know what to say to a friend that is having trouble funding a business plan.

James knows first-hand how difficult this can be...

He has started more than 20 companies, each with unique funding methods. You'll be surprised to hear what happened to the companies that were funded through venture capitalists.

James goes beyond just advice and talks about several ways entrepreneurs can find funding to support their businesses.

He explains exactly what your main focus should be and that once you have it established, you will see that funding can actually come very easily.

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Do you feel like you have wasted years of your life in a career that you are no longer interested in pursuing?

Are you just graduating college and unhappy with the field that you feel you have to go into?

James has repeatedly said college is a complete waste of time. In fact, he has a free report called the "50 Alternatives to College," all about what you can do besides go to college.

Today, he shares several ways that you can apply your degree toward doing something that you'll love.

If you went to school to be a doctor, that doesn't mean you are obligated to follow that career path. There are many other options that you can consider.

You are not stuck... there are opportunities out there. And today's podcast is where you will see the door open to new possibilities.

Tomorrow is never guaranteed, you should be making these changes today.

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A couple of months ago, James and Aaron answered a listener's question about how to get unstuck in their current situation.

Since then, we have got continuous e-mails from listeners writing in with questions for more information on this topic.

So today, we decided to do a Part II to the segment.

Have you found yourself feeling trapped in a relationship, job, emotional slump, or just sick of a daily routine that never changes?

Today, James and Aaron talk about how the simple task of saying no to activities and duties that you don't want to participate in can dramatically change your life.

You'll hear how the "daily practice," becoming physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healthy, and the power of no can provide you with a completely new outlook on the world.

With every obstacle, there is an opportunity. It's your choice to make it constructive to your wellbeing.

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Although it may not seem obvious, every industry is the same when it comes to creating opportunities.

Today's question comes from a listener who wants to break into the film industry, but wants to hear James' advice on how he should do it.

Although James isn't a movie star, he lists some simple techniques that will help anyone break into any industry...

James explains that there are many ways to get noticed, and that you already have access to the technology to do so.

If you are not taking action with your own life, who will?

Today you will learn how to use books as mentors, market yourself, and find your own success.

It's time to go around the gatekeepers and make your dreams a reality.

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You are most creative during your childhood years.

Our teenage years are when we want to be normal and fit in with our peers so we stop trying to be unique and creative... As adults we lose the talent of imagination and the creating of "what if" situations.

What we should be doing is looking to our children for inspiration.

James says "I'd rather be creative like my nine-year-old than teach them; there's nothing I can teach them. They're already creative at that age."

This is the show where you'll find yourself asking, "What could I be learning from children and how can I apply that to choosing myself?"

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