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This episode can be a touchy subject for some individuals, so we ask that you to listen with an open mind.

Today, James discusses his position on religion and what he personally believes and follows.

We all have our own standards and expectations, but as James describes, we also all have the same golden rule... to treat others the way that you would like to be treated.

Find out what he has to say about "the universal bible."

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Thinking about changing careers? Or maybe you are looking for your first job?

Today, James shares several tips that will help you nail the interview process.

Plus, in standard Altucher fashion, his tips are "out of the box" and just crazy enough to work.

Listen as James gives some simple tips to ensure that the hiring manager remembers you over the rest of the people applying for the job.

Some of these tips might seem like common sense, but surprisingly they are forgotten by so many. Maybe your nerves are getting to you, and that makes you oblivious to what should be standard preparation for an interview.

Here is what you are going to learn:

•    What you need to do to prepare for an interview

•    How to calm your nerves before you make that first introduction

•    Tips on how to dress

•    How to make sure that you are ingrained in the memory of the hiring manager

Even someone that thinks they are a pro at interviews is guaranteed to learn something new from James' tips.

Here is where you will gain the confidence and knowledge that will bring you success in any communication process.

Plus, find out how James landed a job after having the worst interview ever.

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Angel investing is how you can turn $1,000 into $1,000,000.

Angel investing is an alternative to playing the stock market.

But what exactly is it and how can anyone get involved?

Today, James explains what angel investing is and several examples of when this type of investing could be beneficial to you.

Click here to listen.

James himself is an angel investor in 28 companies, so he knows what to look for in a company.

Plus, if you have a great idea but are lacking the financial means to build your company, James has some tips for you as well.

Here is where you are going to learn:

•    What is angel investing?

•    What is the difference between angels and venture capitalists?

•    When should you approach an angel investor?

•    What criteria do angel investors use to select entrepreneurs?

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We live in a time when the media is a huge part of our lives, and has evolved in so many forms. How do we keep up?

Should we keep up?

Today, James shares what he has saved on his Internet browser and what he spends his time reviewing.

You will probably be shocked with his answer.

Most of James' work is done online, but how much time does he spend on social-media sites?

James says one of his biggest responsibilities in life is to set a good example for his daughter... here is where you learn how the Internet plays a big part.

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We all have our favorite TV shows but what makes HBO's series so good?

Today, James shares his first-hand experience of what it was like working at HBO and why they produce the best content on TV.

Find out how they started and evolved into an entertainment empire. HBO seems to have figured out the key to success when it comes to creating addictive series.

People lose their minds with these shows. Here is where you get an inside look to one of the most successful cable networks.

Plus, learn how you can use strategies like HBO to create your own successful company.

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Are you a shy person?

Do you have a fear of speaking in front of a group?

For some individuals, public speaking is the least of their worries – sometimes they have trouble just interacting in more intimate settings, such as a dinner party.

Today, James explains how he was able to overcome being introverted and what he does when he is feeling anxious about talking to others.

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If you know anything about James, you know how important exercising his idea muscle is to him.

Today, James reveals the secret to his idea generation.

Are all the ideas good ideas?

Does he try to execute all of the ideas?

Here, you will get James' personal approach to coming up with good, bad, and great ideas and how to execute those great ones.

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Have you ever looked at a job description for a company but failed to apply because you thought you didn't meet the qualifications?

Every day, people sell themselves short and fail to apply for a job that they might be great at.

There are ways to get noticed without having the exact criteria a job is looking for. Today, James tells listeners several experiences where he was not qualified but was able to go around the gate-keepers and land a job.

Life is too short to not go after what you want. This is the episode that will give you unconventional ways to get noticed and prove that you are qualified.

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Even in a niche market, you need to stand out in order to get the most business.

Today, James and Aaron share several marketing steps that you should be doing to grow your business.

Whether you are self-employed or working as an employee in a company, you need to make your own business stand out.

James and Aaron go through two different business examples and the steps that you could potentially make in order to grow the businesses to millions of dollars in revenue.

If you are looking for a new and unique way to reach your intended audience, then this is the show for you.

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Are you feeling pressure to have children? Maybe you are reaching a certain age that people expect you to be raising kids already.

A lot of the pressure that you might be feeling is stemming from society, peers, family, or the media. But nobody controls your life. You have to take control and do what you feel is right.

Today, James talks about his own personal experience and how timing has nothing to do with having children.

There are several things that you will have to give up and, of course, many experiences that you will gain. You just have to decide what is worth more to you.

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OK, so you have chosen yourself... now what?

This is not the time to feel guilty or sad that you may be ignoring other parts of your life, such as your full-time job.

Life is too short to harbor any regrets. You have every right to take time for yourself and go after what you want.

Today, James and Aaron talk about how to avoid guilt while choosing yourself. It will inspire you to take that next step when in doubt and go after what you want in life.

Start today… Choose yourself and don't look back.

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It's completely normal to feel insecure in certain situations, especially when it comes to relationships, where jealousy can sometimes surface.

Is there a simple way to avoid this awful feeling?

Today, James and Aaron share several things that you should communicate, avoid, and start doing immediately in any relationship.

Just remember, no one is in charge of your happiness but you.

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James gave a talk at a conference a couple months ago in Dallas. In his talk he said that, "everybody has a book inside of them. You just have to find what that book is and write it."

In order to become a writer, and make money doing it, you need to make writing a daily practice.

Even if you are a great writer or you have room to grow your skills, this is a great way to exercise your idea muscle as well as possibly start a career.

Once you have confidence in your writing, it's only natural to wonder if you could actually make money for a living by simply writing.

Today, James and Aaron share several ways that you can make a living as a writer.

Find out how you could be making millions by simply writing at a sixth-grade level...

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If you choose not to go to college... will you feel left behind as your friends go on to different universities?

How can you make the most of your time and feel great about avoiding the cost of college?

Today, James shows you just how easy that can be. You don't want to be standard or ordinary; you want to stand out in life. College will give you standardized tests, but won't challenge your ability to grow your skills completely on your own.

You might have more opportunities by not going to college... plus, you will be way ahead of your peers financially by avoiding the massive amount of debt.

The things you can do with financial stability and zero debt can be worth much more to you than a degree.

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You shouldn't invest with the expectation of generating wealth, but rather as a means to grow your wealth.

Today, James shares how and why he puts money aside for his children.

He believes in hard work and does not want to just give his fortune to his children, but he also doesn't want them to have to worry if they ever face any hardship.

You'll hear how you can balance helping your kids financially with making sure they are capable of standing on their own two feet.

Remember that the best way to invest for your children is to invest in yourself first.

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Welcome back to Ask Altucher!

Today's episode is not your typical daily question. Aaron is back from his week-long birthday celebration and shares what shenanigans he and his friends got into while in LA.

All the beautiful people, exclusive pool parties, and VIP treatment could not make up for the low quality of conversations... which is why Aaron says he is strictly an East Coast guy.

Find out why he has officially named where he was in LA "Level 1."

Plus, find out how to recognize if a person is good for you within the first five minutes of meeting them.

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Do you have a fear of public speaking or talking to strangers?

Are you using the label "introvert" as an excuse?

Today, James and his wife, Claudia, talk about several ways to overcome shyness around others.

In order to overcome your fears, you must practice talking to others... even when it makes you feel uncomfortable.

James reveals several techniques that he has come across, and had success with, that could be the answer to all your social anxieties.

You'll learn how to prepare for social gatherings and make interacting with others almost effortless.

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Whether you are feeling guilt, regret, sadness, or failure, just remember that these moments can be the times to plant the seeds of success.

We all have regrets in our lives and there will be plenty more in the future.

Today, James and his wife, Claudia, talk about the process of forgiving one's self, no matter what the situation.

The only thing you should be worrying about is "choosing yourself" and choosing to be happy.

Forget the past because there is only "moving forward." And remember, whatever doesn't kill you really does make you stronger.

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Maybe you are thinking about leaving a current job to pursue another career, go back to school, or you just need time to figure out what you really want to do in life.

One thing that might be holding you back from taking this step is health insurance. It's definitely one of the many perks to having a job that offers benefits.

Today, James talks about what you should do if you find yourself jobless and without health insurance or if you are scared to leave your job because you won't have insurance.

Paying out of pocket for health insurance can be very expensive, so James and his wife, Claudia, talk about several ways to go around the health care gatekeepers that you may not have thought of before.

Of course, in classic James style, you know that this process is going to start by choosing yourself.

Becoming healthy by eating right, getting enough sleep, and exercising will reduce the amount of money that you will have to spend for health-related costs.

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With divorce rates so high, it's no wonder that people are reluctant to enter into another marriage after one has already failed.

But what if you do meet another person that you can see yourself with for the rest of your life? Is it too late? Will it be doomed like the first?

Today, James and Claudia give listeners their take on marriage. James has already been married, divorced and married again, so you can trust his words of wisdom.

What James advises is to not rush into thinking about marriage and to really learn how to develop your relationship.

Something that you may want to consider is to take this time to improve the relationship with yourself as a single person before you let someone else into your life.

Everybody shows their good side at first... This could be your second chance to really get to know someone and make it last.

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Do you feel like you need some guidance in life, but don't necessarily want to seek therapy?

Or maybe you want to help others, but don't want to go through the years of school and debt to become a therapist?

Today, James and Claudia share their opinions on life coaches and the possibility of making a career out of it. Everyone needs help and support, but do you need a degree to give someone an "ah-hah" moment?

They give you several tips on how to find the right life coach and some pointers on how to build a client base if you are interested in becoming a life coach yourself.

If you are someone that can really listen to others and help them figure their way around life's obstacles, then this is probably the right path for you...

Just remember to trust your gut and choose yourself.

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Once we land a job, are we required to stay in that career for the rest of our lives?

Does it sometimes feel like you only stay because you are making good money and need to support yourself or others?

You only have one life to live and you don't want to waste that life being miserable or doing something that you don't love.

Today, James talks about the many careers that he has had and shares exactly how he was able to make those changes.

If you are feeling stuck, then this is the show for you. Don't waste another minute being unhappy – "choose yourself," and follow James' simple step by step instructions.

Remember, this change may not happen overnight, but it is well worth the lifetime of happiness. All you have to do is be productive and find out what you want in life.

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We have always been told to set goals for ourselves... they could be anything from improving your health to excelling in your career.

Although James does not use the term "goals," he does explain how he accomplishes different themes in his life.

He mainly focuses on being creative, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and growing as a writer.

Today, you'll hear how James is able to establish these themes that he wants to pursue, and how he is able to stay on track...

If you are tired of setting yourself up for failure and creating these unrealistic goals, this is the show for you.

You'll learn how you can choose your own themes in life and guarantee that you will follow through.

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be on a company’s board of directors?

The board is one of a company’s most secret inner workings, and today James gives you an inside look. 

James has started many businesses over the years that he in turn sold for millions of dollars.

But that was chump change compared to the amount of money he has made on the board of directors.

So how did he did he receive these opportunities?

James explains how someone that isn’t a huge investor in a company can leverage themselves into the upper levels of a corporation.

Today’s episode is an interesting look into what it’s like to be at the top level of a company, and what you can do to get there.

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You just got fired... Now what?

Or, maybe you just don't like your job and want to quit.

But what's next?

Do you take a vacation? Do you start the job search?

These decisions are made every day by millions of people... and today James gives you some guidelines for what you should be doing with this newly acquired free time.

Remember, James has been there and knows what it's like to panic and feel the stress of wondering what the next step is...

This could be your chance to figure out what YOU really want in life.

What do you want to do next? What goals would you like to accomplish?

Don't waste time... this is when choosing yourself is most critical because this could be a brand new start.

If you are being productive, you won't have any regrets.

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One of Aaron and James' goals over the next few months is to try stand-up comedy.

Do you have the same desire to try stand-up? Or maybe you would like some pointers on how to be better at speaking in front of an audience.

Today, James talks about how jokes have always been great icebreakers for any speech he has given. He has studied numerous comedians and has taken notes on their mannerisms and style… and he has been able to master some techniques.

Do you have the confidence to give it a try? Once you master speaking for an audience, you will gain useful experience for so many situations.

Here, you will receive several guidelines from James and Aaron that will help you along the way.

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If you have developed a product, but are unsure how to launch it and make a profit, then this is the show for you.

Today, James goes through the several steps that it takes to sell a product.

Once you have a product, you just have to go for it, even at a loss, and sell it. The feeling that you get from that first sale will give you the drive that you need.

Next, figure out who your market is and start advertising to them. Whether it is something that will improve, help, or satisfy them, make sure you convince them it's better than what they currently do or use.

If you believe in your product, then choose yourself and take a risk – chances are it will be well worth it...

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What does it take to sell a business?

Is it dumb luck? Is it a lot of work? Do you have the hustle?

How important is networking?

Today, James answers it all and explains that when it comes to selling your business, it's more than just selling your company… It's more about selling yourself.

Selling is more than just giving up power and responsibility for a profit.

Are you going to be able to work as a team player with the person buying your company? It's a big change to sell a company, and you have to make sure that you are ready for it.

James goes through several questions that you should be asking yourself before making this decision.

Remember, "The deal is not done until the cash is exchanged."

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It's not like it was twenty years ago... forget the idea of leaving work at work. We are now living in an age where we work around the clock and are constantly on call for any issues that may arise.

Whether its work, family, or our social lives, we are now bound to technology that makes it extremely difficult to take a step back and let ourselves just relax and rejuvenate.

Today, James goes through several examples of things that he recommends for relaxation.

Cut down on the anxiety, stress, and hectic schedules. You'll see that it's as easy as keeping your phone away from one spot in your house and getting a good night's rest...

Just remember... More sleep equals more freedom.

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With divorce rates as high as 50% across the nation, it's no wonder that people are hesitant to get married these days.

But when you do find that special someone and then fall in love, will that be enough to make it last? Will you be together until the end?

Remember... there are no guarantees in life and every tomorrow is determined by every today...

Today, James talks about what it takes to build and maintain a happy marriage. James has daily practices for his personal health, and he believes that there is a daily practice for continuing a loving relationship.

How do you know if you have found the right person? Well there is no one clear answer, but in today's Ask Altucher, James shares a little checklist that he finds helpful.

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Many people can get stuck balancing their love for their significant other and their love for their family. But what do we do if our family does not accept the person that we choose to love?

For most of us, our family's approval is very important.

It's a struggle that many have to go through on a daily basis.

Today, James gives his take on the situation, and shares his own personal conflict between his family and a previous girlfriend.

Just remember never to let anybody other than you define the boundaries of your comfort zone.

If you choose yourself and are proud of your decisions, then the people that actually love and care about you will come around to support you.

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There are tons of information and resources available to us... and they are literally at our finger tips.

With technology like Amazon and the Kindle app (not to mention other e-readers) you can download almost any book you want.

So if you are not already immersing yourself in this available knowledge, then what is stopping you?

Do you feel like you have no extra time in your schedule? Or maybe you just lack motivation?

James reads about two to three hundred books a year and tries to read for about three hours per day.

It's all about time management... and James, who has mastered the art, tells you exactly how to adjust your schedule.

In today's Ask Altucher, you'll hear about several books that he is currently reading and highly recommends to our listeners.

Plus, don't miss this... James reveals a secret book by Tucker Max that hardly anyone knows about. There have been no announcements or marketing, it is simply known by word of mouth, and you heard it here first.

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The truth is... if a cop catches you speeding, you are going to get a ticket.

But is there a guaranteed way to get out of it?

In the past, you have probably just paid the ticket and moved on... but could fighting the ticket be worth it?

Today, James talks about something he has discovered as the "ticket scam" and explains how it can help you avoid points on your license and escape a fine.

Plus, you'll find out why your local town wants to downgrade your speeding ticket...

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The tables have turned. Today, James flips the script on Aaron and decides to ask him a question on the spot.

We have gotten a lot of requests to hear more about James' cohost, and today, you get to learn a little bit about "the man behind the mystery."

The question that James asks Aaron is, "When have you chosen yourself?"

Aaron shares a traumatic story from his past where he literally had to choose himself and decide to live.

He describes this as the worst and yet best moment in his life...

You'll hear how moving on from this experience has left him with a better outlook on life and a more peaceful state of mind.

He doesn't sweat the small stuff, maintains a healthy and fit lifestyle, removes influence from negative people, and lives his life to the fullest each day.

It will surely motivate you to start choosing yourself and a happier life today.

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Like we have said before, Ask Altucher will delve into any topic. Normal or weird... conservative or risqué.

Today's question for James is for his thoughts on polyamorous relationships, or having multiple romantic relationships simultaneously.

What works for one relationship is not always going to work for another.

But, if you do partake in having more than one relationship, are you missing out on important connections between you and another?

Balance can be broken, feelings can get hurt, and the potential trust and growth between individuals could be missing.

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What is holding you back from what you want to do?

Money, gate-keepers, the economy, fears... the list could go on.

But more than likely, you already have most of what you need to achieve your goals.

Just remember that you have to start small.

Nothing is impossible – there is a solution or a way around any complication.

Today, James will walk you through the process of "choosing yourself" and  living your dreams.

Then he has a challenge for all of his listeners out there.

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We all have stressors in our life – work, family, relationships, money...

But the way you deal with the stress in your life will affect you physically and emotionally.

Suffering is a choice, and you can choose whether or not you are going to suffer.

Is your workplace causing too much conflict and stress... can you leave? Start over somewhere else?

Today, James talks about how he has been able to become an idea machine, and started to bring in multiple streams of income so that he was able to avoid stress from one single job.

This is where you are going to learn to listen to your body and remember that pain is mandatory, but suffering is your choice.

Direct download: Ep31_AskAltucher.mp3
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Are the decisions you make affecting your life in a positive way?

Or, do you find that your actions are holding you back from other opportunities?

No matter what choices we make, we are going to learn from the mistakes that come our way. It's more than okay to try and fail.

Today, James shares his thoughts on how even though he might not always make the best decisions in life, there is a strategy that has helped him along the way... and it might be just what you have been waiting for.

Is it anger holding you back from something, or is it really just fear? James explains that if you are honest with yourself and others, you will face your fears before they turn into anger.

Avoid the stress and anxiety of wondering if you are choosing the best future for yourself. Just remember that if you are able to "choose yourself," keep calm and do your best today, then tomorrow will take care of itself.

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Every day you hear people say that they have a "million-dollar idea."

Maybe you have thought that at some point too...

But how can you tell when your idea really is a winner?

There are plenty of bad ideas that come to us on a daily basis... So figuring out how to navigate through the bad ones to find the true winners is an important skill.

Maybe you have great ideas but are unsure how to execute them. Should you sell those ideas and let someone else profit?

Only a few great ideas are going to come along in your lifetime, and selling them early could be a major mistake.

Today, James explains how he has held on to his ideas and worked through the execution process even when he is unsure how to make them work.

Remember... There are ways around any difficult situation you come across.

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We all feel overwhelmed at some point...

Work, family, friends, errands, kids... these are just some of the things that we encounter daily that demand attention and actions.

Do you think you need a personal assistant? Or do you just need better time management?

James discovered a more efficient way to delegate some of his daily tasks and he'll tell you how you can as well.

Starting at the most basic level and tracking everything you need to get done on a daily basis is the first step.

Then, maybe you'll discover that you are capable of completing all your tasks by simply writing them down.

If you are stressed or feel overwhelmed by everything you need to get done... This is the show for you.

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WARNING: Everything you believe and thought you knew is about to be completely crushed.

This is beyond the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and even the Tooth Fairy...

What myths do you still believe as an adult?

As Americans, we are subjected to thousands of advertisements on a daily basis that try to convince us that we need certain things to be happy.

Are they filling our minds with lies?

Today, James breaks down the common myths in life that he has found to be false.

Some of those myths include:

•    College
•    Home ownership
•    Renting is a waste of money
•    Money means happiness
•    You won't be lonely if you get married
•    You have a purpose in life
•    The Internet has made us smarter
•    Hard work leads to success

This episode is going to make you take a step back and figure out what really matters in life.

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Our relationships are built on honesty and trust.

But how honest are you?

Should you be careful with how direct you are with others?

Could the truth actually hurt your career, relationships, or character?

Today, James talks about his approach to honesty and how he builds his character and reputation on how he treats others.

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Relationships, business ventures, dreams, regrets, grudges...

We all experience a time in life when it's time to move on... but how do you know when that time is?

As you move through life, you will continue to meet new people, generate new ideas, and grow as an individual.

So when your body is trying to tell you that it's time to move on, whether emotionally, physically, or mentally, you simply need to listen.

Today, James shares how he has come to trust his gut feeling, follow his heart, and become more level-headed when it comes to business ventures.

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We all learn in our own way, on our own terms, and from many different sources... school, mentors, family, friends, co-workers... the list goes on and on.

But could the person you learn the most from be yourself?

Today, James reveals who he has learned from and how his learning process has morphed into what he calls his "daily practice"...

Plus, find out how the simple act of reading can be the greatest mentor of all.

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Today’s Ask Altucher is a question that we have all asked at one point in time… maybe even dreamed about… “What would you do if you won the lottery?”

Would you invest? Make some extravagant purchases? Give it away to charity? Make sure your family was financially set for the future?

There are endless possibilities…but, what you do with the money could affect your happiness and relationships.

Today, James talks about interviews that he has conducted with past lottery winners and shares what they did with their money and if it was worth it.

James also reveals what he would do if he hit the jackpot…

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Feeling depressed or lonely?

Do you think the people around you could be causing these feelings?

We have no problem finding enough crappy people in our lives...

But how do you find people with positive energy that you actually want to be around?

Today, James breaks down his methods for meeting these individuals... They are actually not that hard to come by.

Nobody wants to be around someone that is always pessimistic, so your first step should always be to make sure you are the kind of person that you would want to be around.

"It's impossible to be lonely if you like the person your alone with."

When you have a "Choose Yourself" attitude, others will be automatically drawn to you.

There is a secret to surrounding yourself with great people. And it's revealed here.

It won't happen overnight, but with patience and persistence, it will begin to occur naturally.

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You need a degree to be a doctor, veterinarian, or a lawyer – it's actually illegal to perform these jobs without a degree... but is it worth it?

Today's question is from a parent whose daughter wants to be a veterinarian. He is worried that it will be an expensive first couple years of college, only for his daughter to realize that it's not the major that suits her.

Well, he is not overreacting. College tuitions are soaring and student debts are piling up beyond belief.

College is a great way to figure out who you are and what you want to do with your life... but is it the only way?

Is there a way to find out if you enjoy a job before paying thousands of dollars a year for a degree?

Of course!

In fact, there are a ton of different alternatives for someone to figure out where they are supposed to be and what they want to do in life.

Let's face it... some of us are still trying to figure things out years after college. So why stress yourself or your children out with the burden of debt?

With James' wide range of experiences and unique outlook on life, you will begin to see opportunities that you might have been overlooking.

And maybe... you can figure out what you want to do in life before spending thousands of dollars for a piece of paper.

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Do you feel like a failure?

If you do... you aren't alone.

Today's question is one that James is very familiar with answering.

Why? Because he has been there himself... divorce, no job, no money, depressed, ashamed of everything.

You'll hear how James was able to pull himself and his life out of the gutter and become a huge success.

There are simple steps that you can take that will get you there... you just have to put in the time and "Choose Yourself."

James describes the "daily practices" he puts in place to become physically, mentally, and emotionally healthier.

You just need to keep the big picture in mind and be grateful for what you have in your life...

If you deal with failure the way that James has... you will see it's the best way to reduce regrets and anxiety.

You'll feel younger, look younger, and have energy to spare...

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We've all been there, right?

Hectic schedules, lack of sleep, or just plain hopelessness for getting anything done.

What if you could improve your health, social life, happiness, and career, while providing yourself with more time to do what you love?


Not according to James...

There aren't any easy answers, but today James provides you with several ways to optimize your time and alleviate stress in the process.

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The fear of public speaking ranks No. 1 for Americans...

Although it may seem unbearable to most... it's actually an excellent tool to boost self-esteem, network with contacts, and give you an effective platform to share your ideas.

So whether it's just one person or a stadium full of strangers... learning how to cope with being in front of an audience is an excellent skill to acquire.

But if you tense up when it's time to deliver, what can you do?

Can you learn how to harness the fear and use it to your advantage?

Today, James shares how he overcomes stage fright and the preparations that he puts in place to make the routine more bearable.

James has given hundreds of speeches and still to this day gets anxious when giving a talk to an audience.

There is a secret that he reveals that might catch you off guard... it might sound weird... but it works for James and it might just work for you.

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When we are hurt by a loved one, we are usually wounded in more ways than one...

Maybe your ego was shot down, your emotions were toyed with, or you mentally cannot handle that someone has broken up with you.

Is there a quick fix for these feelings?

Or is there some secret process that makes a breakup any easier?

Today James and Aaron go through what they have found that works for them when faced with this situation.

You'll hear the helpful tips that are guaranteed to make you feel better... they may seem like common sense, but chances are you forgot how beneficial these daily routines can be.

Plus, are you being "the Chooser" or "the Chosen?"...

Aaron explains how this has become his dating philosophy... It could be something that will change all of your future relationships.

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Increased productivity is something that most of us strive for whether it's in our professional or personal life...

But how do you become more productive?

Do you cut down on interruptions or social activities?

How about turning off the TV, or limiting e-mail, computer, and cell phone use?

What if adding more distractions and activities could be the solution?

Today, James shares what he does to improve his productivity each day... and his methods might surprise you...

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Everyone at one point in time has dealt with procrastination...


What does it stem from?


How do you overcome it?


Are you listening to yourself? Is your body trying to tell you something that maybe you are unaware of?


Do you punish yourself for procrastinating? Today's Ask Altucher will give you a different perspective on your life and the tasks that you come across.


Could delaying a task actually benefit you more than harm you?


If you do things you don't like to do, you're going to end up angry at yourself, resentful of the people around you, and frustrated with life in general.


That unhappiness and frustration will cause you to procrastinate, and ultimately hate your job or the tasks that you "have to do."


But today, you could be on the path to a happier, more successful, and more peaceful life... And James tells you exactly how to do just that.

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There are no experts out there...

That whole universe of people who claim that they're experts, they're all wrong.

But more than likely, you still look for knowledge beyond your own to improve some part of your life.

Maybe like James you seek advice to better yourself emotionally, physically, or mentally.

The one thing to keep in mind here is that motivation comes in different forms, and what works for one person won't necessarily work for everyone...

For James, this meant writing his own daily practice of advice to follow... He knew what worked for him and he was going to stick to it.

If you found something that has helped improve your life, wouldn't you want to share that with the world...?

Today, you'll hear James' own reasoning behind the publishing of Choose Yourself.

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Nothing happens overnight...

But is there a quick way to become a successful writer?

Today you will find out from a self-publishing guru just how easy it is to get your writing material to the public and get paid to do it.

First thing you will need to do is build your audience.

Submit lots of different ideas for articles to publications that pay.

Write a book, then write a second, a third, and a fourth. Once you realize that the best way to market your book is to keep writing more, you will already be halfway there...

Amazon is a great alternative to the mainstream publishing "gate-keepers," and James maps out the best way for somebody to start taking action.

You are not trying to hit the New York Times best-sellers list. You are trying to create a steady stream of income from what might just be a 30-page book.

In today's Ask Altucher, you will learn how to build your writing material and start generating income today.

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James admits he has no qualifications to dish out advice to individuals...

Yet, people still ask James "What would you do?"... "What should I do?"

The reason for this is because James has been thrown out of school, failed 17 out of 20 businesses, made a lot of money, lost a lot of money, and made it back again.

He has been through a lot and knows ways around the "gate-keepers" of the industries.

That's the real secret to this show...

How to have a better life, make more money, have more fun, start a profitable business, make great investments, and accomplish your dreams by ignoring conventional wisdom and following proven alternative paths.

James has been there, done that, and is here to answer your questions and provide you with different solutions that you may have just overlooked.

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Have you been out of work for some time?

Are you a stay-at-home parent?

Or, maybe you are just setting out on your career journey and are unsure where to start...

In today's Ask Altucher, James breaks down several ways for an individual to make some extra income from the comfort of their home.

The key concept to pay attention to is "learn how to sell"...

If you can understand the importance of storytelling, you're already halfway there.

So get your idea muscle ready and dive right into it.

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With hundreds of ideas and thoughts, how do you go about organizing them so that they make sense and could possibly turn into something great?

Today, James goes through the types of lists that he creates every day and tells you how he is able to execute certain ideas.

James writes between one thousand and three thousand words a day, every day.

Maybe you won't write that much to start with... but if you take the time and keep building your idea muscle you will be amazed with what could be lurking in the shadows of your mind.

One task James asks you to do is... if you can't come up with one good idea then you need to come up with 20 bad ideas...

"Choose yourself"... Challenge yourself... Because you owe it to yourself!

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If you know anything about James Altucher, you know how strongly he feels about people exercising their idea muscle every day.

Well... today you get the inside look at James' ideas.

Some of his ideas might seem ridiculous but the whole point to this, which you will start to see, is that it's all about quantity not quality.

Inventions, book ideas, businesses, his lists go on and on... if you have a pen and paper and random thoughts... you are already halfway there.

Take the time to "choose yourself" and funnel these thoughts into written words and you might just find that "million-dollar" idea...

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Quick and easy money?

Or are there too many downsides to this lucrative, yet extremely risky, idea?

Are you considering the disadvantages to your health?

Are you willing to risk your relationships with your loved ones?

James says the only people that make money in Wall Street are the people who are doing illegal things, people that hold forever, and the people who hold for a trillionth of a second...

Everyone thinks that they are smart enough, quick enough and lucky enough to day-trade... but are you that one in a million who really can succeed?

Or are you reaching for a dream that is never going to come true and have failed to realize that the house always wins.

James goes through the good, the bad, and the ugly, and the real TRUTH of day-trading...

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The people that are closest to us are usually the ones that really know which buttons to push to trigger an emotion from us.

Do you have any conflicts or issues with certain family members or close friends?

If you do, then this is the show for you...

James explains how setting up boundaries and distance can save you from cutting off the ones that you love.

Plus, Aaron proposes to use James' 24-hour rule for a personal experiment with his relationship with his dad...

Could this be something that could help you "Choose Yourself" and salvage a close relationship?

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They are all around us... at work, on social networks, in our social circles, maybe even at home...

Do you avoid "them" and the negativity they provoke?

Or, do you deal with situations head-on?

Just remember that hate is contagious.

Today, James answers the question... "How do I deal with crappy people in my life?"

Find out what fuels people to act a certain way toward you.

If you "Choose Yourself" and choose the energy you put out into the world, can you alter the way others treat you?

It's a fantastic Ask Altucher that will have you thinking twice about who you allow to be a part of your life...

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It's the government vs. 22-year-olds...

Something is on the minds of many young adults... "Should I attend college?"

What are the advantages of going to college? Do they outweigh the massive amount of debt you risk burying yourself in with student loans?

Will that college degree guarantee a higher-paying salary after graduation?

People say, "Kids learn how to be socialized at college." James' response to that is "My kids don't need to get into $100,000 in debt in order to learn how to have friends."

It's a fantastic Ask Altucher that will have you thinking twice about that college degree...

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WWII marked the beginning of the American Dream.

Men went to war, women went to work, we had double-income families, and more money led to more spending...

James breaks down the process of "why the current economic crisis started with WWII."

It all stems from the American dream to own and the desire to have everything.

As we're running fast to the edge of the cliff, James helps you get prepared to survive.

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Even if you are not currently in this situation, chances are that at one point in your lifetime you either have felt or will feel this way.

Maybe it's not even you, maybe you know of a friend or family member that could benefit from today's Ask Altucher.

Today James tackles the question... "I'm feeling stuck, how do I get out of it?"

Whether it's an emotional slump or an environmental factor affecting your mood there are certain things that will help you... and James provides some excellent easy daily-routine changes that could dramatically improve your lifestyle.

James calls this "the daily practice"... it's the simple way to become physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healthy.

It's a great "Choose Yourself" exercise.

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Welcome back to Ask Altucher...

In an economy where almost all corporations lie about their numbers... it's no surprise that today's question is... "Is Wall Street a scam?"

Find out why James says individual investors are completely screwed...

You'll hear him go through the three types of people that do make money from Wall Street... and why there is no way that the average investor can compete with them.

And... as a former stock broker... Aaron gives us his take.

James and Aaron agree that the bottom line is... you are just a number to Wall Street.

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Welcome to the inaugural episode of our new show...

Ask Altucher

This is James Altucher's brand-new daily podcast, and he couldn't be more excited about it.

Every day, he'll take one question from our audience and dive in deep, as only James can.

Nothing is off limits. He'll never know the question beforehand, so you'll get his immediate reaction

James will cover the questions that every individual faces during their lifetime...

*Should I buy a house?

*Is a college education worth the time and money spent?

*Should you go to see a doctor?

He'll cover topics like...

*Why you should quit your job today

*How to become an overnight success for the rest of your life

*How you should invest your money

He'll give you his "cheat sheets" and the tools he uses every day.

We're excited to launch this new series. And to get it started off, James asked that we give anyone who wants it his free new book, Choose Yourself Stories.

We hope you enjoy it.

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