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"Dr. Altucher" is in the house today. Well he's not really a doctor but he plays one on Twitter.

Today's question is, "What is the best way to teach your kids about business?"

James has a few very interesting nonconventional ideas.

First, walk up and down main street with you kids and ask them, "Which of these business are going to succeed and why?"

Second, watch "The Profit" on CNBC with your kids. Pause it and talk to them about it.

Third, watch "Shark Tank" with your kids, pause the show and ask them if they'd invest in the company, how would they market it, would they buy it...

Fourth, practice what you preach.

Fifth, and this one is the hardest, coax them to start their own business.

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Claudia thinks James' interviews with Mark Ford are a must-listen for everyone. Listen to part one here and part two here.


David Newman

P.S. James says there are seven huge trends that will shape America. Understanding these trends before anyone else will give you a huge advantage in work, life, and investing

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