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James 13-year-old daughter explains to him today that the safest way to make money is to get a job with a steady salary.

As you can imagine, James disagrees.

He says DON'T focus on a salary. If you have a salary you can still get fired at any time, plus you're taxed at the highest rate possible.

When you're working for a salary the value you're bringing to your company is often two or three times what they're paying you. Your boss has to take a piece, his boss needs to take a piece, and so on up the ladder.

Salary is a fancy phase for "We're about to steal two-thirds of your value."

Try to get at least seven sources of income and don't invest your money with banks or brokerages companies.

They are not your friends.

Instead, invest in yourself.

Listen to hear how James sees the future.


David Newman

P.S. James says there are seven huge trends that will shape America. Understanding these trends before anyone else will give you a huge advantage in work, life, and investing.

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