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Yesterday, James noticed on Amazon that there was a second version of The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth.

Someone had hacked James' book and made himself the editor so he could sell it and get paid.

Claudia called Amazon and went ballistic when no one would help.

James used a different tactic.

He found the "author," who lives in Bangladesh and was using his real name. James wrote to him and recommended he take it down.

He wrote James back, blamed it on a so-called friend and apologized.

Eventually, and only because James has connections within Amazon, he got it taken down. But not before this guy made a substantial amount of money selling James' books.

As James says, "At least I'll get an Ask Altucher show and a blog post out of this experience, so all was not lost."

You can't let people take advantage of you, but you can't let things like this ruin your life.

Listen to hear how James resolved it, made the best of it, and moved on.


David Newman

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