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Today's question came from a listener who was laid off after 10 years at his last company. He's interested in the wine business and is wondering if he can make a living in the wine e-commerce space.

James first says... Congratulations!

First, think of three levels "free," "pay," and then wealth.

  • Free – Every day, blog about wine. James and Claudia give him a bunch of ideas. Move into the video space, use Vine. Try everything, and always be storytelling.
  • Pay – Create a newsletter and sell a wine of the day with a 24-hour countdown.
  • Wealth – Host wine tours.

Write down your ten ideas a day and watch how quickly you'll also come up with great ideas.

James tosses out a huge number of ideas.

We'd love to hear about your "Choose Yourself" stories. Send us your stories here:


P.S. Hi, James here...

My new book is finally out! It has taken me a year to put together all the skills I think are needed to create abundance in this new economy. I hope you write me with feedback and questions. I have more books coming.

Here's what the initial reviews on this book have said:

"James Altucher did it again. I just finished and have to say it was a great read. Great insight into the future of wealth."

"I couldn't wait for this book to come out. It was well worth the wait! Very short and jam-packed with good ideas and advice for the budding entrepreneur. A must read!"

"This is the road map out. Very specific ideas to get you unstuck and to thrive in the 21st century. If you follow the ideas in this book your will receive 1000% or more in return on your investment."

I'm really grateful for the response I've received so quickly. I feel we are quickly building a strong community of people who are deciding to "choose themselves."


If you want to get it exclusively in hardcover, plus several other special reports, and a subscription to my brand-new newsletter, which is essentially the equivalent of two additional chapters every month, claim your copy here

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