Ask Altucher

Are the decisions you make affecting your life in a positive way?

Or, do you find that your actions are holding you back from other opportunities?

No matter what choices we make, we are going to learn from the mistakes that come our way. It's more than okay to try and fail.

Today, James shares his thoughts on how even though he might not always make the best decisions in life, there is a strategy that has helped him along the way... and it might be just what you have been waiting for.

Is it anger holding you back from something, or is it really just fear? James explains that if you are honest with yourself and others, you will face your fears before they turn into anger.

Avoid the stress and anxiety of wondering if you are choosing the best future for yourself. Just remember that if you are able to "choose yourself," keep calm and do your best today, then tomorrow will take care of itself.

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